#37 – Inspired by Paint Samples

The inspiration for this week’s ripple is a palette of paint colors that I clipped out of a magazine. This combo is called ‘Summer Carnival’, which promises to “Bring the look of geraniums indoors.” Hunh?

582 PS ad

I love these Valspar Signature color names: ‘Late Day Sun’, ‘Gilded Pesto’, – Gilded Pesto? lol. – ‘Very Berry’, ‘So Long Shadow’, and ‘Pensive Plum’.

My acrylic yarn palette matches, more or less. Wintuk ‘Lt. Spring’ and Yarns Brunswick Windrush ‘Spring Leaf’ were as close as I could get to Gilded Peso chartreuse.

582 PS chenille

The other colors’ names are, listed dark to light, RHSS ‘Light Berry, Lion Brand Sayelle ‘Dusty Rose’, Caldor Sayelle ‘June Rose’, Dawn Sayelle ‘Primrose’. I also used an anonymous light pink and two anonymous light yellows.

The hand-rolled balls of purple heather are 10 ounces of chenille yarn, harvested from a slightly used Coldwater Creek sweater. The Sal’s price tag that I found tucked in with the yarn said $3.99, but I’m quite sure that I wouldn’t have paid that much. It must have been a half-price day!

Emily, as usual, has been Very Helpful. It’s so funny how she lurks at the sidelines of a photo shoot, entering the scene,

582 PS Emily


582 PS tail

- her third pass -

only once I’m using the camera! lol.

I had intended to alternate single pink and purple bands but, after completing one of each I decided to calm the design down, at least a little, by instead doing double bands.

582 PS close-up

I think that idea worked out well.

Summer Carnival

582 PS full

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Funny, I was here, yet, I didn’t hear the postman – Usually there’s a loud THUD whenever he drops a box on our front porch or I hear the truck pull in if he leaves something by the garage. – so it was a complete surprise when DH brought in a box the other night.

I’m doubly surprised because, although I’ve been on the lookout for packages arriving from my latest yarn fairies, I wasn’t expecting one from my earliest one. I’ve received yarn from Sandi in Maryland since June of 2011!! – Sandi, can you believe it has been three years?! – Back then I called her the ‘ Yarn Lady ‘. Now she even has a Yarn Fairy on her address label. So cute, sitting on a big ball of yarn!

581 label

O.K., so I didn’t wait for you to get here – I already opened the box. But I didn’t take more than the littlest of peeks. lol

581 1-box

Sandi packs in so much yarn, her boxes actually bulge a little. The easiest way to get a look at everything inside is to unceremoniously dump it!

581 2 pile

Of course, wanting to see what’s underneath, I immediately tweeked the skeins! lol

581 3 tweeked

Ooooh, there are some pretty blues and greens under there!

It looks like Sandi’s included a complete ripple ‘kit’ for me.

581 4 ripple kit

I’m amazed that, with the huge amount of yarn that I’ve gone through since I started making charity blankets, I still come across brands that are new to me, like ‘Pop ‘n Yarn’

581 5 Pop 'n Yarn

and ‘Fiesta’. Not Red Heart Fiesta, just ‘Fiesta’.

581 6 Fiesta 68cts

It’s paper band boldly declares it a SPECIAL VALUE at 68¢, but the little white sticker tells us Woolworth’s sold it for only 66. lol.

A few other vintage skeins are headed to my charity wool stash,

581 7 wool

including this one from Red Heart, which has a special little heart-shaped metal charm that reads, ” Start Knitting Here “.

581 8 woolcharm

Twenty-five minutes into this recent Ready, Set, Knit! podcast, Kathy and Steve of Webs talk about how SMC Yarns now marks the starting end by taping it to a yarn’s label. Interesting how many new ideas are actually quite old.

Thanks to Sandi I’m fully prepared for Halloween,

581 9 skeins2

Valentine’s Day 2015,

581 9 skeIns1

and. . . well, whatever holiday is represented by blues, greens and a crayon box variegated. lol.

581 9 skeins3

Thank You, Sandi. Thank you for sending me so many Fun Colors! I’m sure the little kids will love each blanket, Halloween or otherwise, that I make with the Vivid Oranges in particular.

581 10 all yarn

Now comes the challenge of getting everybody back into the box.


581 box refilled

Well, done except for a few whites. lol

581 just a few whites

No, nooo. . . It feels terribly wrong to cover up so many pretty colors. groan.

581 hidden

I promise, they’ll remain hidden for only the few minutes it takes for me to get this box up into our attic

581 topped with white

and nestle it next to the boxes from Ann and Lisa. I’ll stash the skeins of white ASAP, so I can once again enjoy the display of my newest colors.

581 box refilledhappy sigh.

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# 36 – Stay Calm; Acrylic Never Dies

I usually use variegated yarns very sparingly, as an accent, but because of an overabundance of RHSS’s pretty ‘Aspen Print’,

580 CALM close-up

I went a little CrAzY and put sixteen rows in this week’s ripple.


580 CALM full view

Even so, I have four more skeins of ‘Aspen Print’ remaining in stash! I thought it would be fun to find out just how long it’s been hanging around. Well, it depends on which particular skeins the four are. I happened to pick up one skein as part of a mixed bag at Sal’s last year,

399 mixed wools & a vrgtd

but I also had some left after I made ‘Tranquility’,

272 Tranquility - flat

which was more than two years ago.

Lucky for me, RHSS has no expiration date. lol

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Color Me Stunned

About a week ago I received a message in Ravelry from Lisa of Tennessee, aka lanale, of ‘Coastal Craze’ fame. She wanted to give me some yarn for charity blankets and wondered whether I had any color preferences.

Like always, I told her that I use Any and All colors in my ripples. – If you’ve visited alottastitches for a while, or have ever scanned my Ravelry project page, you know just how true that is! – But I also mentioned that I would appreciate any “in-between colors”, – Please pardon the technical art jargon. lol – like: Olive, Chartreuse, Teal, Turquoise, Bright Purple, Red Violet, Fuchsia, Watermelon, Coral, Rust, Mocha and Taupe.

Well, the box arrived from JoAnn.com on Tuesday.

579 the box

It’s Big.

579 Big Box

Let’s find out what all is in there, shall we?

579 opened box

O.K. I’m stunned.


Never in a million years would I expect anyone to give me every color on my Wish List, let alone double and triple skeins of each!!

579 in bagsThank you from the bottom of my heart, Lisa. This colorful gift is going to make an impact on the way my ripples look for at least several months, with my talent for rationing, probably a year!

Since I primarily crochet with vintage brands and Red Heart Super Saver, the Vanna’s Choice colors are a particularly nice treat!

I know I’m going to enjoy including ‘Olive’,

579 Olive‘Rust’,

579 Rustand ‘Taupe’ in several of my blankets,

579 Taupe

but I’m really looking forward to playing with ‘Wild Berry’.

579 Wild Berry

What a gorgeous shade!! drool. lol

My old friend, RHSS, gave me a nice surprise. . .

‘Amethyst’ and ‘Real Teal’ happen to match a variegated yarn that’s been in my charity stash for a loong time. – I went running up to the attic to get it right after I opened the box. -

579 3 yarns

There’s 12 ounces of it, easily enough to accent two or three ripples, each with its own striping design.

I wonder how many more such matches I’ll be able to make with this beautiful assortment.

579 skeins in box

Although I’m anxious to start playing with my new yarn, and you’re anxious to see what I do with it, as a way to make more time for a new charity project, wash cloths for kids in Haiti!, I’m going to finish several blankets that I’ve already designed first. Such amazing restraint, Linda. How do you do it?!?! lol.

P.S. The charity group’s leader, LA, and I keep in touch through emails. This is what she had to say yesterday when I told her about this wonderful gift: “Wow! I am always humbled when people do as this woman has by ordering and purchasing the yarn for you! That is fantastic and another beautiful “ripple” in this program. An idea that just continues to spread like a stone thrown into a pond. The ripples of everyone who feels that tug in their heart to help… it just makes my heart smile! Simply amazing!!”

I totally agree – but she said it better than I ever could.

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#34 – Another Rainy Ripple

Unintentionally, we’ve continued the Rain Theme with

A Dark and Stormy Night

578 NITE full view

DH would rather I called it “Black Eye”! groan – such a sense of humor.

Single-row stripes of black and light grey lie between two row-stripes of dark purple and mauve, which are both chenille from thrift shop sweaters.

578 NITE-close-up

A P.S. regarding the renaming of last week’s scrap ripple:

By Friday afternoon I had received all these wonderful suggestions: Spring is Coming, Sun-Dappled Showers, Sun-Kissed Showers, The Sun’ll Come Out, After the Rain, Sunshine Sprinkles, Rainbow Rain, Easter Egg Rain, and Midnight Rainbow. I’ve posted them up on my bulletin board for future inspiration. Thanks to everyone for sharing.

DH and I decided on “Sun Showers”. Our extra thanks to Jana for that idea.

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#33 – One Last Scrap Ripple

I made the fifth and last of this spring and summer’s scrap series out of the pastel scraps that were left when I finished the fourth one.

577 s5 pastels

plus black, grey and white scraps.

‘Reading’ from right to left you can pick out two different sets of repeating stripes. One set is the alternating one and two-row pastel stripes, which are in ‘rainbow’ order: blue/purple/pink/peach/yellow/green. Twice I threw in some aqua and second shades of purple and pink.

577 s5 close-up

The second set falls between the pastel stripes – single row neutrals, which go from black through two or three shades of grey to white.

I really had no idea whether this crazy scheme was going to come out looking good or not. Thankfully, it turned out just fine!

Scrappy Scrap   Sun Showers

577 s5 full view

Earlier a reader mentioned that the names I’ve given the ripples in this series seem to have a rain theme. Nothing ‘rainy’ comes to my mind when I look at this one. Does anything occur to you? I’d be happy to swap out ‘Scrappy Scrap’.

As a reminder, the names of the other four are ‘Dawn on a Rainy Day’, ‘Cheerful Blanket for a Rainy Day’‘Storm Clouds’ and ‘Spring Rain’.

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Christmas in August

“Oh, the horse knows the way to carry the sleigh. . .”

A horse and sleigh may not sound all that dependable for long distance mail delivery but then again, unlike the last yarn box, this one actually arrived a day early!! lol

576 box

Ann, my newest yarn fairy, and I tracked its path all the way from Oklahoma to Connecticut and the closer it got, the more excited I got!

Opening a Big Box of New Yarns always feels like Christmas to me.

576 opened box

Oooooh, many lovely colors and. . .

even more White!

576 bag turned

This is good as I see some red and green in there too, the beginning of a stash for this year’s Christmas ripples.

My guess is that there’s enough yarn here for at least six blankets.

576 all yarn

Thank you, Ann! Thank you for me and for the foster kids.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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