#40 – A ‘Generated’ Ripple

Using the striping plan that I designed earlier this month with the help of the Weighted Stripe Generator turned out to be a blast!

592 TKT close

Part of the fun was in making a few ‘improvements’ along the way, like matching the ripple’s last few rows to those at its beginning, and spontaneously throwing in rows of yet another color, ‘Tiger Lily’.

589 'Tiger Lily'

I’ll be the first to admit that my finished ripple doesn’t much remind me of the tank top that supposedly inspired it, – lol -

589 ad photobut I’m too thrilled with my results to care about that.

592 TKT full

This one turned out so well, I expect I’ll want to ‘generate’ another randomly stripe ripple very soon. I think the process could easily become a habit!

P.S. Last week we celebrated the first day of Autumn. Although I’m giddy over the cooling weather and the changes it has brought to Mother Nature’s palette, I’ve also realized how little time there is left for me to finish painting the trim and clapboards that DH recently replaced on the back of our house and the weathered sections of picket fence that he has already scraped for me. – Thank you, Sweetie. – I’m also priming the front and back of the bead board wainscoting that, along with a new pedestal sink – yay! – will be going into our bathroom, a job that’s alot easier to do outdoors rather than in. Aaaand I’m starting to prepare our gardens for winter. So. . . if you notice that I’m writing more abbreviated posts, like last Monday’s 44 words, at least you’ll know why.

How are you doing on your Fall To-Do List?

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Purple Passion

Wouldn’t Purple Passion be a Great Name for a ripple? But, no, it’s the color name of the Phentex Craft Cotton that I picked next from my old stash.

591 Purple Passion yarn

What a pretty washcloth! I like the way this stitch pattern helps mix the yarn’s colors.

591 #5 Purple Passion

There is a slogan on the Phentex wrapper, “Make the best for less”.

HA! “Make the best with less” is more like it. lol. This ball of Phentex weighed only 1.75 ounces, smaller than the ‘Peaches & Creme’ and ‘Sugar and Cream’ yarns that I used in my first four knitted washcloths. I guess I shouldn’t complain as I got the yarn for free and because I was able to knit two ‘Purple Passion’ washcloths anyway, thanks to a good-sized scrap of a similar blue.

591 #5 + 6

I figured that I might just as well use up every bit of both yarns, so the second cloth is a little larger than the first. With the bold slightly off-center band of blue, it’s far from perfect looking, but both cloths feel wonderful, so soft and thick.

P.S. Long after I finished these, it dawned on me – slap on forehead – I could have striped the second one by alternating variegated and solid blue. – must remember to try that the next time I include a sizable scrap.

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#39 – A Change of Season

Tomorrow is the first day of fall. Let’s celebrate with a ripple!

Autumn Twilight

590 full view

Almost all of the yarn is Red Heart Super Saver. I alternated single rows of ‘Tea Leaf’, ‘Carrot’ and ‘Lemon’ with double rows of ‘Soft Navy’ and other unknown navies. 

590 close-up

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Feeling Inspired. . .

-by this tank top.

589 ad photo

I have yarns that closely resemble the tank’s colors,

589 yarn selection

but rather than try to duplicate the top’s stripes I’m going to let my new design assistant, Biscuits and Jam’s Weighted Stripe Generator, suggest a striping pattern.

There’s 3.5 oz. of peach, 2.5 oz. light peach, 6 Sayelle ‘Baby Green’, 4.5 RHSS ‘White’, 5.5 blue, and 4 oz of navy. That’s 26 ounces in all.

When I multiply 26 by 3.33 rows per ounce – the number of ripple rows I know that I can crochet from one ounce of RHSS, my usual yarn – I find that I should be able to get a 86-row ripple out of this yarn. That’s Great! as I usually do 84-row kids’ blankets.

It was easy to enter the weight of each yarn into the corresponding colored squares on the generator’s chart. (Yes, you can use decimals.) Then I entered 84 for the number of rows I wanted and. . . BaZing!, pushed the Generate my Stripes button. So Exciting!!

But I didn’t like the first striping pattern that appeared. Blech.

So I just kept refreshing the page, once – Blech again!, twice, Blech, 3 time, Blech, 4 times, Aaah, until I finally got a pattern that I did like.

Of course, I knew that I would still fiddle with it, a little, because I wanted the beginning and end of my blanket to be similar looking, but, other than that, lol, I expected that I would follow the striping generator’s pattern, exactly. Yeah, right.

I had already completed the ripple’s first couple of stripes

589 a start

when my sister gave me this skein of Mansanto’s Malina Corsage Hand Knitting Yarn. The color, ‘Tiger Lily’, stopped me in my tracks. Beautiful!

589 'Tiger Lily'

Since, except for the slight overabundance of ‘Baby Green’, I like my present ‘Biscuit and Jam’ striping design, I’ve decided that, instead of generating a new one to incorporate the ‘Tiger Lily’, I’m just going to throw in a light orange stripe whenever I feel like it.

And, because it’s only a 3-ply yarn, more sport than worsted, I’m going to do those stripes in half-double crochet, which creates a little denser fabric. Hopefully that will make the blanket feel pretty much the same thickness throughout.

I’m very anxious to see how this ripple’s going to turn out!

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Tag Saling

I’ve visited very few tag sales so far this year, so I decided to check out a relatively new all-town one, just across the Massachusetts border. I planned to get to the town green by 8:00 when the local Boy Scouts would start selling maps marked with all the sale sites. – I’d prefer to spend my money on somebody’s used junk, lol, but I don’t know my way around Monson and figured I’d quickly get disoriented if I tried to follow sale sign after sale sign. – Well, I didn’t get my map until about, oh, 9:30?, cuz sales started popping up long before I’d reached the town limits.

DH had reminded me the night before to watch for Pampered Chef stoneware bread pans as he really likes the way his bread turns out when baked in them.

SCORE! $6.00, at the very first sale!

588 bread pan

I didn’t dicker as it was so early in the day. Besides $6.00 is a Great price, compared to $25.50! This is pan #3. I earned pan #1 years ago as a Pampered Chef consultant and I found #2 just a few weeks ago at the new Sal’s. DH makes four loaves of bread at a time, so I hope to find one more.

At that same sale. . . a box of over 100 skeins of embroidery floss, all rolled neatly on little bobbins, priced at $1.00, – There was another one with only about a dozen skeins. I squeezed them in with the rest so DH can have that second box for sorting/storing little screws, hangers, etc. -

588 some floss

and this generously sized project bag, which surprisingly, considering its age, is in pristine condition! – Could it possibly be from the 40’s? Looks like vintage bark cloth to me. –  50¢,

588 vintage bag

and a bag of zippers – forty of them for $2.00. A single zipper probably costs that much at full retail!

588 zippers!

What a fantastic way to start the day!

Other crafty finds, from two separate sales, were a single skein of RHSS and a partially knit sweater, which will provide over a pound of green heather wool, $1.00 each.

588 some yarn

As I was taking these photos I discovered why this sweater was never finished, two different dyelots; some pieces are yellower than others. Won’t be a problem if I use it for projects smaller than a sweater.

588 two dyelots

Throughout the day I picked up a lovely assortment of stuffed critters for foster kids. – How unusual to have come across three elephants, all grey. – I paid anywhere from ten to fifty cents. The tiniest bear was free.

588 critters

That black blob at center back is a cute gorilla.

For teen foster girls I bought Avon lotions, 50¢ per 4 oz. tube, – Such a Deal! -

588 lotions

and a few pairs of like-new flip-flops.

588 flip-flops

They were marked 50¢. As the saleswoman bagged them I commented that they were headed to Haiti, so kids wouldn’t have to walk to school barefoot. . .

and she insisted on giving me my money back!

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#38 Trial and Error

I started by gathering a pile of yarns: light pink, green and blue, medium rose, green and blue, and some white. I had a generous amount of every color. Nice, but a shortage in one or two colors often jumpstarts my creativity, while having plenty of everything seems to stymie it, ” What will I do with all this yarn? Hmmm? What will I do? ” lol.

I went with two-row stripes of the three mediums. Eew, the three Country Colors together reminded me the 80’s. I had flashbacks of White Geese with BIG blue ribbon neck bows trailing off into the distance, lol, you know the type!

So I ad-lib my way through another series of stripes: med light blue – white – med light green – white – med light pink – white. Not as bad as the first, but I don’t want to do that for the rest of the blanket, do I?

587 close

I know! I put the three mediums together at the beginning, how about I put the three lights together next? yeah.

And that’s how it went. I made things up as I went along, one stripe set at a time, until I reached the mid-point of the blanket. Then I repeated everything a second time.

Sweet Peas

587 full view

I see now that reversing the order of the striping for the second half would have created a much more powerful design. I should make a note of this somewhere – as an idea for a future ripple.

Oh, yeah. I can do that right here!

Note to Self: Make a second version of Sweet Peas. . . like I said above.

Just created a new tag, ‘ideas for future ripples’. Cool.

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BUG Update – no photos

A few days after I wrote that post about the Glorious Bugs on our blueberry bush, I noticed that one of the caterpillars had disappeared and the remaining one’s red ‘antlers’ looked like someone had nibbled on them!

Now he’s gone too.

So much for a Cecropia plague.

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