Color Me Stunned

About a week ago I received a message in Ravelry from Lisa of Tennessee, aka lanale, of ‘Coastal Craze’ fame. She wanted to give me some yarn for charity blankets and wondered whether I had any color preferences.

Like always, I told her that I use Any and All colors in my ripples. – If you’ve visited alottastitches for a while, or have ever scanned my Ravelry project page, you know just how true that is! – But I also mentioned that I would appreciate any “in-between colors”, – Please pardon the technical art jargon. lol – like: Olive, Chartreuse, Teal, Turquoise, Bright Purple, Red Violet, Fuchsia, Watermelon, Coral, Rust, Mocha and Taupe.

Well, the box arrived from on Tuesday.

579 the box

It’s Big.

579 Big Box

Let’s find out what all is in there, shall we?

579 opened box

O.K. I’m stunned.


Never in a million years would I expect anyone to give me every color on my Wish List, let alone double and triple skeins of each!!

579 in bagsThank you from the bottom of my heart, Lisa. This colorful gift is going to make an impact on the way my ripples look for at least several months, with my talent for rationing, probably a year!

Since I primarily crochet with vintage brands and Red Heart Super Saver, the Vanna’s Choice colors are a particularly nice treat!

I know I’m going to enjoy including ‘Olive’,

579 Olive‘Rust’,

579 Rustand ‘Taupe’ in several of my blankets,

579 Taupe

but I’m really looking forward to playing with ‘Wild Berry’.

579 Wild Berry

What a gorgeous shade!! drool. lol

My old friend, RHSS, gave me a nice surprise. . .

‘Amethyst’ and ‘Real Teal’ happen to match a variegated yarn that’s been in my charity stash for a loong time. – I went running up to the attic to get it right after I opened the box. -

579 3 yarns

There’s 12 ounces of it, easily enough to accent two or three ripples, each with its own striping design.

I wonder how many more such matches I’ll be able to make with this beautiful assortment.

579 skeins in box

Although I’m anxious to start playing with my new yarn, and you’re anxious to see what I do with it, as a way to make more time for a new charity project, wash cloths for kids in Haiti!, I’m going to finish several blankets that I’ve already designed first. Such amazing restraint, Linda. How do you do it?!?! lol.

P.S. The charity group’s leader, LA, and I keep in touch through emails. This is what she had to say yesterday when I told her about this wonderful gift: “Wow! I am always humbled when people do as this woman has by ordering and purchasing the yarn for you! That is fantastic and another beautiful “ripple” in this program. An idea that just continues to spread like a stone thrown into a pond. The ripples of everyone who feels that tug in their heart to help… it just makes my heart smile! Simply amazing!!”

I totally agree – but she said it better than I ever could.

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#34 – Another Rainy Ripple

Unintentionally, we’ve continued the Rain Theme with

A Dark and Stormy Night

578 NITE full view

DH would rather I called it “Black Eye”! groan – such a sense of humor.

Single-row stripes of black and light grey lie between two row-stripes of dark purple and mauve, which are both chenille from thrift shop sweaters.

578 NITE-close-up

A P.S. regarding the renaming of last week’s scrap ripple:

By Friday afternoon I had received all these wonderful suggestions: Spring is Coming, Sun-Dappled Showers, Sun-Kissed Showers, The Sun’ll Come Out, After the Rain, Sunshine Sprinkles, Rainbow Rain, Easter Egg Rain, and Midnight Rainbow. I’ve posted them up on my bulletin board for future inspiration. Thanks to everyone for sharing.

DH and I decided on “Sun Showers”. Our extra thanks to Jana for that idea.

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#33 – One Last Scrap Ripple

I made the fifth and last of this spring and summer’s scrap series out of the pastel scraps that were left when I finished the fourth one.

577 s5 pastels

plus black, grey and white scraps.

‘Reading’ from right to left you can pick out two different sets of repeating stripes. One set is the alternating one and two-row pastel stripes, which are in ‘rainbow’ order: blue/purple/pink/peach/yellow/green. Twice I threw in some aqua and second shades of purple and pink.

577 s5 close-up

The second set falls between the pastel stripes – single row neutrals, which go from black through two or three shades of grey to white.

I really had no idea whether this crazy scheme was going to come out looking good or not. Thankfully, it turned out just fine!

Scrappy Scrap   Sun Showers

577 s5 full view

Earlier a reader mentioned that the names I’ve given the ripples in this series seem to have a rain theme. Nothing ‘rainy’ comes to my mind when I look at this one. Does anything occur to you? I’d be happy to swap out ‘Scrappy Scrap’.

As a reminder, the names of the other four are ‘Dawn on a Rainy Day’, ‘Cheerful Blanket for a Rainy Day’‘Storm Clouds’ and ‘Spring Rain’.

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Christmas in August

“Oh, the horse knows the way to carry the sleigh. . .”

A horse and sleigh may not sound all that dependable for long distance mail delivery but then again, unlike the last yarn box, this one actually arrived a day early!! lol

576 box

Ann, my newest yarn fairy, and I tracked its path all the way from Oklahoma to Connecticut and the closer it got, the more excited I got!

Opening a Big Box of New Yarns always feels like Christmas to me.

576 opened box

Oooooh, many lovely colors and. . .

even more White!

576 bag turned

This is good as I see some red and green in there too, the beginning of a stash for this year’s Christmas ripples.

My guess is that there’s enough yarn here for at least six blankets.

576 all yarn

Thank you, Ann! Thank you for me and for the foster kids.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Good News / Sad News

First the Good News. . .

The yarn fairies have been busy! I found yet another bag of yarn waiting for me in the donation box where I leave my ripples.

575 bag o'yarn

Inside was about two pounds of acrylic yarn

575 pile

including. . .

more white. Yay!

575 plus white

If this incoming stream of white yarn continues, I may soon be complaining that my box of white stash is overflowing! lol. But seriously, I doubt that will ever happen as I love including white in the foster kids’ ripples.

More Good News. . .

Ann out in Oklahoma just became my newest yarn fairy. – Hi, Ann! – We’re tracking the box as it travels cross-country and I expect it will arrive early next week. I’m like a little kid waiting for Christmas! lol. I can’t help but wonder what ‘new’ colors are on their way to me.

Now for the Sad News. . .

The Good Sense Thrift Store in Vernon, CT has closed after being in business for several decades. sigh. I’m going to miss it.

Its location wasn’t very convenient for me, but I didn’t mind going a little out of my way because sometimes I found marvelous surprises, like this haul of 2012.

CT-I my yarn

Like usual, every skein, regardless if it held one ounce of wool sock yarn (little skeins of tan in front), four ounces of wool (big skeins in back) or a pound of Caron acrylic, cost only $1.00!

Their fabric was usually $1.00 too, per piece, not yard. Maybe, if a piece was several yards long, they’d say $2.00. lol.

I’m also feeling sad because it seems clear that I can no longer count on my local Salvation Army thrift store for help in replenishing my charity stash.

The last time I visited my heart fluttered at the sight of several skeins of acrylic, the first full skeins I’ve seen since the store moved this spring. Most of them were off-white, which is already plentiful in my stash, but it was still exciting to finally see some yarn at Sal’s – Woo-Hoo!! I quickly picked up the largest, which was five ounces of Red Heart Soft. It was tagged – get this - $2.99. All of the smaller skeins were also tagged $2.99. groan.

To think that a year ago I came across fifteen 8-ounce skeins of RHSS at the old Sal’s for 99¢ each; yet I only bought these five.

467 five skeins RHSS

O.K., so I didn’t actually need the other nine skeins of ‘Spruce’, but still. 99¢ for 8 ounces skeins!! Boy, those were the days. lol.

Feeling more and more grateful for the generosity of yarn fairies.

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Ripple #32 of 2014

Hi! Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to catch up on what I’ve been up to. Let me tell you about my latest ripple!

I found this lovely Design Seeds color palette, called ‘Coastal Craze’,

 574 coastal craze

in the Brainstorming Forum of Ravelry’s Vanna’s Choice Fan Club, last November. I tagged that particular post, #196, with ‘colorcombo’, ‘blue’, ‘greys’ and ‘manly’ and then saved it among my Favorites. As of today, I have ‘faved’ 4277 assorted patterns, projects, and posts. lol. I guess that shows just how easy Ravelry makes it to build a searchable inspiration treasury.

Getting back to that palette – My loose interpretation of it

574 CC-close

was dependent on the colors I happened to have in my charity stash. But, thanks to Ravelry member lanale’s helpful shopping list, I could have chosen to use Vanna’s Choice shades (shown at the bottom of the Design Seeds palette chart):

Linen, Silver Heather, Silver Grey, Charcoal Grey, Aqua and Baby Aqua.

Just imagine how individual 100 ‘Coastal Craze’ ripples might look, thanks to the near infinite number of variations in color order and stripe width that are possible!

Here’s mine, made of one and two-row stripes in six colors – no tan/Linen.

Coastal Craze Ripple

574 CC full view

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A Garden Report and #31

Everything grows so quickly this time of year! Veggie-wise, the snow pea harvest has passed, but now we’re enjoying fresh green beans.

573 beans

And I just picked the first of what I hope will be many, many tender little yellow squash.

573 first squash

Berry-wise, I pick one or two colors a day. The black raspberries are just about done; today I got about enough to top tomorrow morning’s cereal.

573 blackberries

But we’re right in the middle of a bumper crop of blueberries. – To us ‘bumper crop’ means we can eat as many as we want, and yet still have some left to freeze. – Boy, oh Boy!

573 blueberries

Plus our harvest of red and yellow raspberries has barely begun.

573 blue plus

With all this picking going on I haven’t spent any time considering what I’d say about this week’s ripple. . .

Boy, Oh Boy!

573 BOY-full

Aaaaaaah. . . I’m think-ing, think-ing. Gotta say somthin’, . . .

“Somthin’! “. . . HAha.

O.K., O.K. . . .

“It’s simple, well-balanced. . . light, medium, dark. . . some neutrals, a little bright blue. . . What’s not to like?”

“You can’t wrong with a blue-brown combo, as most boys like them, as so do many girls. . . including me.”

Two-row stripes of RHSS ‘Soft Navy’, RHSS ‘Cafe Latte’, and a country blue of some kind alternate with one-row cream stripes from several scrap balls.

573 BOY-close

Back out to the gardens I go. . .

I need to weed; unfortunately veggies and fruits aren’t the only things that are growing quickly!

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