#43 – Inspired by. . .

this sweater.

598 sweater photo

Fall’s beautiful colors, whether found on a tree-covered hillside or in chaotically scattered leaves on a sidewalk, usually are splashed one against another. But in the sweater above, as in my matching ripple below, they’re carefully spaced in narrow stripes.

598 close-up

This is so pretty, I think I’ll repeat the design in another season’s colors. . . I bet it would be gorgeous in reds and greens!

Regimented Sugar Maples

598 full view

Ooooh! And how about bright pinks and greens on white for spring?

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RIpple #42 – Inspired by. . .

a stack of towels.

I really like the combination of colors in this photo that I cut from an old L.L. Bean catalog. Five plush bath towels in Blue Periwinkle, White, Collegiate Blue, Soft Teal and Dark Cranberry,

596 ATL towels

My similar-looking mix includes Red Heart Super Saver ‘Country Blue’, ‘White’, ‘Dusty Teal’,  a couple of anonymous scrapballs of burgundy, and an anonymous dark blue/green from last October’s Historical Society tag sale. I recognized it by the handwritten weight tags stuck on each yarn cake – shown in the upper right-most bag of this photo of that day’s haul. (Each bag of yarn cost only 50¢!)

496 ziplocs of yarn

I decided on what ratio I wanted to help balance my five colors and then set the stripes in the same order as in the towel photo. – Why ‘fix’ something that’s not broken? lol

596 ATL close

Repeating a five-color sequence over and over doesn’t make for a very fancy striping pattern, but I still find this one striking! That’s probably because these are the colors that decorate much of our home, but I also really like a couple of things that aren’t so obvious. . . Did you happen to notice that there are two shades of burgundy stripes? And what about the subtle differences in the widths of all the single-row stripes? For some reason this phenomenon shows more in the burgundy stripes more than the white ones, but both colors alternate wider/narrower because I alternated between crocheting a row from the front and then from the back of the blanket. Odd, but kinda cool.

What a geek I am to notice such things! LOL

I call this week’s ripple

Atlantic Blue Stripe

as that’s the name on the L.L.Bean striped towel laying to the left of the five solid ones in the catalog photo.


596 ATL full

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Service Announcement – CT Yarn Shop Closing

I’ve never been to this store, so I’m just passing on this announcement that was first posted over in Ravelry. If you live in Connecticut, Rhode Island or eastern Massachusetts this could make for a fun day out – enjoy a drive through the remaining fall colors and, hopefully, find some wonderful goodies!

Yarns With A Twist is closing Saturday, November 1, 2014.

They are having a huge Going-Out-of-Business Sale.

50% off all cotton yarn and cotton blends

35% off all other yarn, books, needles and accessories

Yarns With A Twist
111 Willimantic Road (Route 6)
Chaplin, CT 06235
Hours: Tues, Wed, Fri and Sat 11AM to 5PM – – Thurs 9AM to 9PM

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#41 – More Little Grey Stripes

Remembering how much I liked the contrast of the narrow grey stripes in this June’s “Dawn on a Rainy Day”,

567 scrap #4 - full view

I thought I’d give them a second try.

As is often the case when I use several partial skeins, the widths of this ripple’s stripes were decided by how many ounces I had of each color.

595 BQT-close

Besides grey, I used the following colors (listed from light to dark):

I started with the palest pink you can imagine, — That’s right, in spite of what the photos seem to show, there’s actually No White in this blanket!* — TLC Essentials ‘Powder Pink’, Fore-‘n-Aft ‘Sandpiper’, Lion Brand Sayelle ‘Dusty Rose’, heathered burgundy chenille and dark solid burgundy.

It’s always fun to see how one of my ‘ripple recipes’, created with the help of my trusty old calculator and usually scribbled on scrap paper, will turn out!

Like A Bouquet of Roses

595 BQT-full* Only as I wrote this post did it occur to me that if I’d laid a skein of White yarn on this ripple my little camera would have been forced to show you how Pink the lightest stripes really are.

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#7 thru 10

This spring I found a ball of yellow and green cotton, (I think it’s Bernat Handicrafter ‘Key Lime Pie’.) at the new Sal’s.

0-CTN 7-10 yarn

Considering that particular thrift store’s current yarn pricing of $2.99 for even partial skeins, I felt very lucky to have found it untagged; the clerk on duty let me both it and the teal/purple acrylic ball for just 50¢ each! Yay!

With two and a half ounces of this pretty yarn, – half an ounce more than either of the yarns I picked for Washcloths #1-4, 3/4 oz. more than the yarn in #5+6I was able to make slightly larger cloths by casting on 40 stitches instead of the usual 37 and adding a few rows.

593 7+8 keylime

Next,  using the second ball of Sugar ‘n Cream ‘Landscape’,

0-CTN 7-10

I made two more regular-sized washcloths, one of ‘Landscape’ alone and one with a yellow/green stripe of leftover ‘Key Lime’.

593 9+10 lndscp

Woo-Hoo! This makes a total of ten washcloths ready to go to Haiti.

593 7-10 1-10

My cost so far – 50¢!! ROFL

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Ready for a Border

Wow, it’s been a couple of months since I last talked about my SweeTart Granny. The color range of my scraps had gotten so limited, it was taking me forever to choose colors for the next square, so I stopped after adding just one more round. But it’s o.k. that I called it quits early because Granny is already 38″ across – My kids’ ripples are usually 35″. – and will get a little wider with a border.

Now I’m considering which of these colors I’ll include in the border and in what order to put them.

594 choices

But Emily subtly reminds me that before I do anything about a border, I need to take care of the remaining yarn ends.

594 Emily

sigh. I should heed her wise advice.

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#40 – A ‘Generated’ Ripple

Using the striping plan that I designed earlier this month with the help of the Weighted Stripe Generator turned out to be a blast!

592 TKT close

Part of the fun was in making a few ‘improvements’ along the way, like matching the ripple’s last few rows to those at its beginning, and spontaneously throwing in rows of yet another color, ‘Tiger Lily’.

589 'Tiger Lily'

I’ll be the first to admit that my finished ripple doesn’t much remind me of the tank top that supposedly inspired it, – lol -

589 ad photobut I’m too thrilled with my results to care about that.

592 TKT full

This one turned out so well, I expect I’ll want to ‘generate’ another randomly stripe ripple very soon. I think the process could easily become a habit!

P.S. Last week we celebrated the first day of Autumn. Although I’m giddy over the cooling weather and the changes it has brought to Mother Nature’s palette, I’ve also realized how little time there is left for me to finish painting the trim and clapboards that DH recently replaced on the back of our house and the weathered sections of picket fence that he has already scraped for me. – Thank you, Sweetie. – I’m also priming the front and back of the bead board wainscoting that, along with a new pedestal sink – yay! – will be going into our bathroom, a job that’s alot easier to do outdoors rather than in. Aaaand I’m starting to prepare our gardens for winter. So. . . if you notice that I’m writing more abbreviated posts, like last Monday’s 44 words, at least you’ll know why.

How are you doing on your Fall To-Do List?

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