A Garden Report and #31

Everything in our gardens is growing so quickly! Veggie-wise, the snow pea harvest is over, but now we get to enjoy fresh green beans.

573 beans

And I just picked the first of what I hope will be many, many tender little yellow squash.

573 first squash

Berry-wise, I’m picking one or two colors a day. The black raspberries are just about done,

573 blackberries

but we’re in the middle of a bumper crop of blueberries, – To us ‘bumper crop’ means we eat as many as we want, and yet still have some left to freeze. Boy, oh Boy! -

573 blueberries

And the harvest of red and yellow raspberries has barely begun.

573 blue plus

With all this picking to do, I haven’t spent any time considering what to say about this week’s ripple. . .

Boy, Oh Boy!

573 BOY-full

Aaaaaaah. . . I’m think-ing, think-ing. Gotta say somthin’, . . . “Somthin’! “. . . HAha. O.K., O.K. . . .

“It’s simple, well-balanced. . . light, medium, dark. . . some neutrals, a little bright blue. What’s not to like?”

“You can’t wrong with a blue-brown combo, as most boys like them, as so do many girls. . . including me.”

Two-row stripes of RHSS ‘Soft Navy’, RHSS ‘Cafe Latte’, and a country blue of some kind alternating with one-row stripes of assorted cream scraps.

573 BOY-close

Back out to the gardens I go. . . It’s time to weed; unfortunately veggies and fruits aren’t the only things that grow quickly this time of year!

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#30 – It’s a Fiesta!

It all started with the eight ounces of ‘Fiesta’, a yarn with a rather challenging mix of colors, that I got in a trade with my sister.

568 fiesta skein

After considering what yarns I had in stash, I decided to go with a warm palette: a pale pink, RHSS ‘Off-white’ and ‘Cameo Rose’, a slightly different rose and a deep plum chenille from a thrift shop sweater. This really made the little bits of bright blue in the variegated Stand Out! ping. ping. ping. ping. . . ping. ping. lol.

572 close-up

I’m so pleased with how this blanket came out!! I had my doubts. . . bright blue and rose seemed like a rather iffy combination to me.

Fiesta Berry

572 FSTA-full-view

I feel that I’m 2 for 2 working with these interesting vintage variegated yarns: first there was ‘Chestnut Ombre’ in the ‘Chimney Bluffs’ ripple

568 full view

and now ‘Fiesta’.

572 FSTA-full-view

Why fight a winning trend? lol. I’m off to play in my stash with a third vintage variegated, natura Sayelle ‘Teaberry Ombre’, also from Sis.

572 FSTA-teaberry

‘Teaberry Ombre’ is slightly thinner than my usual RHSS acrylic yarn, just as the Sayelle yarns in ‘Chimney Bluffs’ and ‘Fiesta Berry’ were.

It’s high time I do a little math and find out just how many ripple rows I can expect to get from of an ounce of vintage Sayelle. Then, I’ll not only be able to crochet as many rows as possible from my skein of ‘Teaberry’, I’ll be able to make accurate plans for the rest of my ‘Fiesta’.

572 FSTA-leftovers

The math:

There was 8 ounces of ‘Fiesta’ to begin with, minus the 4.5 oz. that I have left, means 3.5 ounces went into the 15 variegated rows of this week’s ‘Fiesta Berry’ ripple. (8 – 4.5 = 3.5) That’s 4.25 rows per ounce. (15 rows divided by 3.5 oz = 4.25 rows/oz) So I can expect the remaining 4.5 ounces to make about 19 rows (4.5 oz. x 4.25 rows/oz= 19). That’s about four more rows than I’d get with RHSS, (4.5 oz x my usual 3.33 rows/oz of RHSS = 15 rows and 19 Fiesta – 15 RHSS = 4 extra rows) a nice little bonus! Thanks Sayelle.

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A New Granny-in-Progress

My two old Grannies-in-Progress, ‘Flower Garden’

183 Flower Garden Granny - seven rows completed

and ‘Mushrooms’,

339 some white mushroomsand that bag of blue granny squares that I discovered in a thrift shop a while back

213 bag of granny squares

did absolutely nothing to stop me from starting on a new granny – a mostly pastel scrap one made of cute little two-round squares that I’m joining as I go!

571 GIP in pile

I made use of last month’s long car trips to and from New York State to weave in yarn ends so I’ll have far fewer of them to deal with later. Yay!! And by all the nasty new ends flailing about you can easily see the two rounds that I’ve added since we got home.

571 GIP back

I’ll probably do two more rounds and a narrow border. . .  if I have enough pastel scraps, that is. As I showed in my last post, my stash of little pastel balls is shrinking,


which, on the one hand, is a Very, Very Good Thing, as making use of my many, many little pastel yarn scraps is the main objective of this project. However, this is Very Bad, as now I’m increasing my choice of colors by ‘stealing’ pastels from my Large Scrap Ball Stash, which, of course, will soon result in more Little Scrap Balls. ugh. It’s an endless cycle! lol.

571 larger pastel scraps

The great thing about making kid-sized blankets, about 35″ x 54″, is that I’m usually done before the novelty of a new design has had a chance to wear out. So far this granny has been lottsa fun!

P.S. Got any ideas for a name?

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#29 – Two Yellow Primroses

I wanted to use this sunny yellow yarn in my next ripple.

570 PRMR 3 skeins

I had eleven ounces in all, including the skein labeled Dawn Sayelle ‘Primrose‘, which I discovered is really quite pale compared to a real primrose. – Stop & Shop, $1.65.

570 PRM plant

Notice the nibbled edges on some of the leaves? Emily is determined to snack on it – mmmm, yummy, yummy, yummy!

My sunny yellow yarn was joined by two very similar blues, Herrschners ‘Indigo’ and RHSS ‘Delft’, and a teal chenille that I unraveled from a thrift store sweater, maybe this one, which I got for $2.00 back in 2012 – wince. Apparently I should ‘fluff’ my stash more often if such a pretty yarn can hide from me for that long!

570 PRM close-up

I thought that I could use up all of the yellow, and be sure not to run out of blue, if I made five of the yellow stripes a little wider.

A Sunny Day

570 PRM full view

That idea worked out Great! This is all the primrosy yellow that I have left. . .

Well, I intended to show you the little tiny ball of remaining yarn, but I got distracted – “Ooooh, such a pretty, pretty yellow!” – and included it in a new project before I remembered that I was supposed to take a photo of it. oops!

I’ll show that work in progress in a few days. In the meantime, you can wonder what I’m crocheting out of these, littlest of pastel yarn scraps, too small to make even one row of a kid-sized ripple.


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Replenishing the Ripple Stash

Thanks to the many generous people who have contributed, my stash of acrylics for charity blankets, seen here freshly reorganized in our attic,

569 attic

is extensive. – I am blessed. – But, as large as my stash may be, with plenty of cream for example, I was down to only these two little skeins of white-white, and scraps.

569 white2

Ever since I finished last Christmas’ red, white and green ripples I’ve hoped to either receive a large donation of white yarn or come across a thrifty bargain on some, but neither of those things has happened.

Amazingly, the only charity acrylic that has come my way as thrifty purchases so far this year, is this green handknit scarf and sweater

542 vrgtd scarf542 vrgtd sweater

that I unraveled

546 rainbw and green546 green ombre

and this little ball of teal variegated, all from Sal’s. – The yellow and green ball is cotton. -

558 two balls of yarn

So I got pretty excited about a recent email from Savers announcing an upcoming half-off sale for members; I’ve made out very well buying yarn there in the past! But since you can’t know whether there will be any yarn at a particular Savers store on a particular day, let alone white yarn, I decided to put an end to my six month wait for more white-white by using a couple of 40% off coupons.

Regular price for RHSS is $3.19 per 7 ounce skein, but I paid only $1.91 each. Yay!

569 2 white

A few days later at the Savers’ sale, I scored; I mean I scored BIG on charity acrylic! Not only did I get a little more white. . .

569 more white

but several other colors, most of which are my good friend RHSS.

569 score!

I did leave behind some antique gold because I already have plenty.

569 gold

But I still brought home 56 ounces,

569 mostly RHSS

3 1/2 pounds, for $7.50. That’s less than a dollar per 7 ounce skein’s worth, or about half of what I paid at JoAnn’s with a coupon! Yee-Ha!!

I also got three balls of Peaches and Cream cotton for facecloths that will go to a mission in Haiti, $2.00.

569 pchs & crm

And, as a special little treat, I bought myself six ounces of deep red Elite GRAN Mohair for $5.00! (tags say $28)

569 6 oz. mohair

My affection for this luxurious yarn was somewhat lessened when I realized that it isn’t all the same color lot, a problem that’s relatively easy to deal with by alternating the two shades every other row, but still. . .   harumph.

569 2 dyelots

As if beautiful red bargain mohair isn’t enough, I also got a 50 gram ball of pale rose Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace, an extrafine merino, for $2.50. (original sticker says $10)

569 merino lace

Amazingly, that one little ball holds enough yardage to knit a shawl! I’m vacillating between Citron and Swallowtail, two very different styles.

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#28 – An Ombre Ripple

I started with a couple of the yarns from my big sister, 10 oz. of Sayelle ‘Chestnut Sunset’, the variegated and 8 oz. of ‘Chestnut’, a matching solid,

568 chestnuts

then added 4 oz. of Jack Frost ‘Rust’, 3 of RHSS ‘Buff’, (tan) and 5 of Wintuk ‘Fisherman’, (cream), vintage yarns all.

568 close-up

Having started with such generous amounts of the Sayelle ‘chestnuts’ I knew that I would have some yarn left, but I never expected there would be THIS much!

568 leftovers

Turns out that, although the Sayelle isn’t an obviously thinner yarn, it gave more than the expected 3 1/2 rows per ounce. Guess it’s more softly spun than my good ole Red Heart Super Saver.

Anyway. . . this made for a nice summer-weight blanket,

568 in a pile

perfect for the occasional cool summer night, like a couple of weeks ago when the temp here suddenly dipped to 48 degrees!

These colors are more dramatic than those of the bluffs we visited last month, but I’m still calling this week’s ripple. . .

Chimney Bluffs

568 full view

as a kind of souvenir of time spent in the FingerLakes Region of New York.

‘Fiesta’, another variegated from Sis, has caught my eye.

568 fiesta skein

Off I go to the attic; I wonder what yarns I have up there that complement this unusual color mixture.

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#27 – A Fourth Scrappy Ripple

The few yarn scraps that remained when I finished Scrappy #3 were so wee

565 s3 - full view

I selected a whole new scrap palette for today’s blanket.

567 scrap 4-close

This subtle combination made good use of scrap balls in at least two shades each of yellow, pink, purple, green and grey. I think the grey adds ‘something’ to an otherwise pallid color collection.

In keeping with the ‘rain theme’ of this year’s scrap ripple series, I’m calling this one. . .

Dawn on a Rainy Day

567 scrap #4 - full view

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