Ripple #50 – Cinnamon Candy Cane

I’m having fun planning and crocheting candy cane ripples. I googled “candy cane flavors” and found inspiration for a couple dozen!

This one’s fairly simple. I used three reds, (Red Heart Super Saver Cherry, RHSS Hot Red and red scrap balls) plain white and white with silver (Caron Christmas Glitter) in a repeating eight row pattern: 2 rows cherry, 1 white, 2 hot, 1 white, 1 scrap, 1 white. Ta-Da!

11,690 Stitches – 603,326 Donated So Far This Year

Unfortunately, the silver doesn’t show, even in a close-up. I had to choose between true reds and invisible silver, or flaming reds that would burn your retinas and the dazzle of a little silver. sigh

I’m showing you my Cinnamon Candy Cane first, even though it wasn’t really the first candy cane ripple I made, because you already got a peek at it in the “crochet salon” on Wednesday. Since it was easier to crochet than to read by candlelight, I crocheted A LOT during the week-long power outage.

By the way ~ The power went off again yesterday! I had been on-line and my immediate response was to close my laptop and head to the attic to pick yarn for, you guessed it, another candy cane, a watermelon-“flavored” one! (Yes, there is such a thing; Jolly Rancher makes them.) I’d written out a striping plan and finished two rows by the time the power came back.

The question is whether I can keep up this level of candy cane production even if the electricity stays on!

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6 Responses to Ripple #50 – Cinnamon Candy Cane

  1. Yum! And I can’t wait to see the watermelon one.

  2. Edith says:

    Thank you for sparing my retinas, LOL. Your cinnamon ripple looks very cheerful and Christmassy. Very clever idea of sitting in a sun warmed car for the warmth, we can do a swap…I’ll take some of your cooler weather and you can have some of our 2nd heat wave, how about it?

  3. psmflowerlady/Tammy says:

    The red and whites are my favorite flavors of candy canes and I even put them on my tree for “decorations” and as an incentive to take the tree down after the holiday. LOVELY ghan.

    • Whenever we’ve had kittens in the house the tree was decorated with lots of large and small candy canes, always red and white ones, plus pine cones and other safe decorations. (no glass or tinsel!) With so many canes, no one noticed if we sampled. lol. Of course, that eliminated the “cane incentive”, but we have a fake tree, so we can leave it up as long as we want. I’m never in a hurry to take it down.

      Thank You.

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