A 50% Off Thrift Sale

We knew everything was half-off at our nearest Salvation Army store today, so my DH and I got there before the store opened. I was so surprised to see there wasn’t a line of waiting customers, in fact, the gate to the parking lot was just being opened when we arrived and there was only one other car waiting to go in and park!

I felt sure the “masses” would arrive at any moment! After awhile I realized there were probably more people coming in to get receipts for their donated goods than there were shoppers. It was very easy to take our time and be really thorough in the uncrowded store.

I found a grey plaid Old Navy hoodie for myself, $1.50.
Black 90%cashmere/10%wool pullover – to become bed socks and something more for me, $2.
A pink/black argyle pullover of cashmere, $2.50. I think it will become mittens and socks. Oh, I wonder if I could get a cowl out of it too?  I’m really liking the idea of an argyle cashmere cowl! Luscious.
Pale blue cashmere V-neck, $2. No plans for this one. Might fit, but the sleeves are rather short.
Black heavy 80%lambswool/20%nylon pullover, $2 – to become bed socks for my DH. Hopefully the nylon content will give them a long life.

One of the store clerks showed me 5 skeins of acrylic yarn for charity crocheting x 50¢ = $2.50.

Ann Budd’s The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns, $1.00, was well hidden among the children’s books.
Paper Craft Kit, $1.50, which I will give to a friend, was found in a pile of boxed cards and stationery.
Winter Knits Kit, $1.50. Another shopper brought this one over to me while I was waiting at the check-out. She had heard my excitement over the Ann Budd knitting book. How nice of her! The first pattern I saw when I opened the box was this one for cute fingerless mitts! (on the bottom left)

I felt badly for a minute when I realized my DH had come home with nothing. We had hoped for a suit or winter overcoat, at the least a sweater or some long-sleeved tees, but it simply wasn’t his day.

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2 Responses to A 50% Off Thrift Sale

  1. Jaimie says:

    Wow, you really scored. I have found EZ’s books at thrift stores. I do own that Handy Book of Patterns by Ann Budd and it really is a pretty comprehensive book.
    Gotta love thrifting…I go to my local ones at least once a week and even surprise myself with what I come out with!

  2. Linda says:

    The funny thing is when I got home I found I already owned a copy of that book! Oh, well, I’ll use it as a gift or a prize some day; it was only a dollar. Can’t beat that price for a like-new book – I do love thrifting! Three new stores have opened near us in the last few years, so now I have six to choose from. I don’t even need to go out of my way for variety’s sake!

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