My “New” Toy and Vintage Sheets

There’s a small thrift store that sits along my usual errand/grocery route. I like to visit it on a regular basis, because you just never know what you might find! Last week I noticed a Kenmore sewing machine tagged $39.99. It made me smile, because it’s very similar to my very first sewing machine, which I bought with babysitting earnings when I was in high school in the 70’s. I remember deliberating over the decision to buy it, whether to pay extra to get a machine that could convert from traditional flat-bed to free-arm which was very cutting-edge at the time. It was a real workhorse of a machine which I enjoyed using for years and years.

Well, turns out this week there’s an annual year-end sale and almost everything in the store is half-off! I glanced closer at the machine and saw that the foot pedal was there as well as boxes of attachments, but I still went home without it. I was asking myself if I really needed another sewing machine. I have a Brother C6000i which is fairly new and works fine, although I do tend to coddle it. I don’t know if it’s as sturdy as older machines which have fewer plastic parts and aren’t computerized.

I mentioned all this to my DH last night and he immediately asked when I thought I would I get another chance to buy a machine for $20, no, $19.99, let alone one I already knew so well, two very good points!

So, I went back today and there it was, sitting in the same spot! I asked to try it out and played around long enough to realize it’s in really good condition! It came with a carrying case, two manuals and two boxes of accessories. This Kenmore 6 seems to match the model 1241 manual. I have all 5 feet, 2 plates for use when attaching buttons, which is something I’ve never done by machine, 3 screw drivers and a seam ripper.

I hope to get as much use out of this one as I did my original. What fun we will have together! (Photo assistance provided by Emily.)

A stop at another thrift brought me four vintage sheets for $4!!

Do I have enough now to call this a vintage sheet collection?

By the looks of these piles, sheets of orange/green/yellow color combination are most plentiful. I could start planning some projects with them, perhaps some quilts and pajamas to start. I’ve seen some fun ideas at the In Color Order Blog.

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