Ripple Away

The double crochet ripple has become my favorite pattern for the kids’ blankets I make for a charity. There are many ripple variations, I happen to prefer the type that leaves an obvious “hole” at each peak and valley which makes it very easy to keep track of where I am in the pattern. I can quickly check how many stitches I’ve made since the last hole.

This free ripple’s stitch pattern is quite similar to my version of The Rustic Ripple, but it’s very large, fitting a queen bed! You’ll need about half that many stitches in your beginning chain to end up with a little 36″ wide blanket like I make for the foster kids. (Instead of working 8 double crochets and then a “point cluster” of 1 dc, 2 chn, 1 dc, as written in the pattern, I do 9. This gives me a total of 10 double crochets work in each run.) The small number of stitches in each uphill or downhill section (ten in my case) makes it easy for me to double-check for and correct any added or dropped stitches. I don’t have to use markers or count beyond ten after making the looooong beginning chain. This makes it a great pattern for crocheting in the car, while watching a movie, or talking. I also think the zigzags make it a rather fun pattern for kids’ blankets! Since much of the yarn I receive as donations and that I buy at tag sales is odds and ends, I’m thrilled to find it’s also a great pattern for using up small balls of scrap yarn, like I did in making this one.

Mexican Fiesta

10,292 crocheted stitches  — 10,292 donated so far in 2011

Or using partial skeins in this one.

Yellow, Greens and White

10,292 crocheted stitches — 20,584 donated so far in 2011

This example contains just over five ounces of the variegated yarn and that’s the largest amount I had of any one yarn. You can easily see I used two or three different shades of green, and although it’s not as obvious, I did the same with the yellows and whites too. Considering my mix and match method, I think it turned out well.

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3 Responses to Ripple Away

  1. Linda says:

    BayouGramma commented on Mexican Fiesta Scrappy in Ravelry at 11:04 AM September 1, 2011:

    “Another one to love!”

    I replied:

    “I think it’s one of my best scrappy ones. :D”

  2. AnnB says:

    I know this is an old post, but your recent post had a link to a collection of links. Wow, I love this Mexican Fiesta Scrappy. I may have to locate those yarns in my stash and make it. It just makes me smile.

    • Thank you, Ann. – Your comment just made me smile. 🙂
      Nice to know that although ‘Mexican Fiesta Scrappy’ is long gone, thanks to alottastitches, it not only can continue to delight our eyes but can also influence future projects! Cool.

      I’d love to see your version. . . I have some of that same variegated in my stash again. Maybe I should make a Mexican Fiesta II.

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