Leftover Sock Yarn Yields Fingerless Mitts

I began knitting a pair of fingerless mitts from sock yarn over a year ago! The pattern I chose is by Kathleen Taylor. It’s free, clearly written, and is on her blog, Kathleen Taylor’s Dakota Dreams.

I used the bit of Patons Kroy sock yarn in Bronzed Berry Stripes that I had left after making two pairs of these socks; one for a friend and one for me.

I last remember working on the first mitt while at a knitting group meeting. The group has since disbanded and my poor mitt has spent all this time in the knitting bag that used to go with me to every meeting. So close to being done, just binding off the thumblette (my word) to go.

I finished that little thumb, only to find its edge cut into my thumb. I’d forgotten to use a larger size needle for the bind off, which I usually find necessary. Well, it has been several months since I last knit, so I was bound to forget something! There are so few stitches in a round, it didn’t take long to fix that problem and I immediately cast-on for the second mitt. Why did I leave them for so long? Such quick fun!

Just working in the ends left to do now. Yes, unfortunately there are several.

There was a bit of yarn play involved in making these little mitts. I planned to do the ribbing with the last few rows made from the self-striping yarn, because I had so little of the solid yarn left. I still managed to run out. You can see a slight color change in the solid color ribbing of the second mitt, which is where I switched to pieces of dark yarn I had cut out of the self-striping! Thankfully the color difference doesn’t show up this much in regular light.

These are the tiny bits of yarn I had left.

Finished weight of these little cuties is just 1 1/2 ounces!  I’ll be weighing all of my little balls of leftover sock yarn from now on. I’m wondering how many more pairs I need in my wardrobe.

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