Ripple of the Week #1

I have been donating one handmade blanket per week for the last two-plus years, usually an afghan that I crocheted, but sometimes a couple of crochet-edged pieces of fleece or a quilt. Crazy, I know, but it’s been a fun challenge so far! When I’m in a real fierce crocheting mood I just let them pile up creating a blanket stash. Then, when I take time to do something else, like knit, I’ll still have a blanket ready to give every week.

Here’s one bagful of blankets from my stash, shown with Emily, our precious princess.

My donation for the first week of 2011 comes from the top of the bag. It’s a traditional ripple made from just three solid colors, teal, aqua and white. You can’t easily see in the photographs, but I used at least four slightly different aqua yarns.

Teal and White

11,832 crocheted stitches  —  32,416 stitches donated ytd

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