A Mitten That Doesn’t Fit and a Tiny Thrift

The mitten I knitted came out too short. I worked the plain stockinette stitch rounds on my sock yarn mitten evenly until I reached the round in the pattern where it had decreased down to 56 stitches, which matched my mitten’s beginning stitch count. (Remember the pattern’s count started at 60 stitches and then decreased) I planned to follow the pattern through the rest of its decreases to the mitten’s tip, but it wasn’t long before the mitten became rather restrictive to my little finger. I started delaying placement of some of the decreases, knowing I’d have to work them in quick progression nearer the mitten’s tip. I kept track of the number of rows and I know I completed the total number of rows called for in the pattern, but the mitten was too short. The only way to make it comfortable for my fingertips was to pull it up, which then made the cuff too short. sigh

Visiting Ravelry I closely read people’s notes for this pattern. There were only three out of thirteen who commented on the pattern running on the small size. Hmmm. I’ll have to give this some thought.

Well, as least now I know that two ounces will be plenty of yarn for a full pair of mittens.

In other news – I had to run into town on an errand today and decided to bop into the local thrift. It’s only about two miles from our house, but I don’t often have reason to head in that direction.

This is the tiniest thrift store I have ever seen. It is smaller than most people’s living room, but can hold many wonderful surprises for those who visit.

A plastic grocery bag filled with clothing is just $4! Today my bag held a hand-knit seamless bulky wool sweater (over a pound of denim blue single ply yarn and some great coordinating colors),

plus three 100% cotton men’s shirts (charity quilt fabric),                                                            a lightweight denim jumper (charity quilt or bag fabric),                                                         and these 18 articles of beautiful baby clothing (charity).

thrifty baby clothes

I had to shop quickly because they were closing in just half an hour. (with an all-volunteer staff their hours are a little irregular) Did I remember to look in the fabric box? I know I missed the books completely. Oh well, my bag was full anyway!

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