What a Haul!

The quilt fabric skirts I picked out Saturday were back in with the rest of the skirts, but all three were waiting for me! Each one was priced differently, but the clerk decided their sale prices were $2 each. Nice!

“My” green sweater was there too.  I’m estimating a pound of luscious yarn (allowed a few ounces for the weight of the buttons) for $2! I may lose some yarn depending on how the buttonholes are made. Love, love, love, this shade of green.

The big news was that EVERYTHING was 1/2 off (except for the items with yellow tags, which are the newest inventory.)

I looked for a lightweight pullover to make into comfy wool long johns and I scored a men’s XL grey cashmere pullover for just $2! I can use this pattern by Nikol Lohr at Craftzine or this one at Resweater.

A little vest of  50% wool/50% acrylic has already become this beautiful yarn. It was $1.50 for about eight ounces. I think it wants to become a scarf.

The fair isle Shetland wool cardi came with a yellow tag, so it was full price, which was still only $3! It’s a size 3x, so there are lots of beautiful woolen fabric to play with. Shall I felt it for a big bag? Make it into a jacket?

The lovely blue is an XL L.L.Bean, 80% lambs wool/20% nylon zippered cardi. I think I’ll unravel it for the yarn. I wish it could be felted down to size, but it has a zipper. Just couldn’t resist for $2.

As lovely as they all are, I should have limited my craft supply sweater purchases to just the grey sweater which I have definite plans for. Sigh. Remember, I went back to the store for the quilt fabric skirts?

However I did find a teal tee for my closet, $1. I especially like the scoop neckline.

Look how well it matches my skirt which I got last fall. Yes, the skirt was found at a thrift store too. It’ll be a great outfit for next summer, which will give me plenty of time to get the skirt shortened! I’m going to remove some of the lightest shade of fabric (upper right) from the skirt’s top section. It fits too closely there and I think there’s too much of that print in proportion to the others anyway, so two improvements at once!  I’ll need to shorten the tee as well.

Also found this cute appliqued basket quilt with buttons used as flower centers. The lattice is a little brighter pink than it seems here. With a yellow tag, the quilt was $5.

thrift quilt

There is this small spot, but I plan to cover it with another appliqued leaf. I do wish the backing fabric was better coordinated. Oh, well. I think some little girl entering foster care  will find it comforting. Hopefully she’ll enjoy it for years.

One final find, five kids books, all in very good condition, for 25¢ each!! (charity) Turns out these were the only items I got that were effected by the special 50% sale.

My grand total came to less than $25.

I happened to run into a friend while shopping. We had a nice chat and I met her daughter who wanted to know how to crochet a granny square. Being left handed and having tried to figure it out from a book, she just needed a little clarification on one step. I had seen a granny afghan in the store’s linens area earlier, so we went there for a “hands-on pattern review”. It felt so good to catch the “light bulb” moment in her eyes when things became clear to her. I do like one-on-one teaching the best.

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