Cadet Colors Mitts

I knitted another pair of fingerless mitts from sock yarn over the weekend. It’s lovely to know I can make these from one little 50 gm. ball. It’s Patons Kroy in Cadet Colors this time, which I got at Jo-Ann’s. (Yes, of course, I used a coupon.) I was thinking this mix of blues and greys will look very good with either my black or blue jeans.jean mittsI added a few more rows between the ribbed cuff and the beginning of the thumb gusset than I had in my first pair.  One of the best things about knitting is being able to get just the fit you want.

Well, the truth is, I ended up adding ten more rounds than I had wanted. See, I keep notes of each project. Sounds good so far, right? I also annotate those notes with changes I plan to make the next time I use the pattern. The original pattern called for five rounds between the cuff and gusset. The mitts seemed too short in that area and I wanted to double it to ten rounds the next time I used the pattern. When I got to that part while working on this pair I saw the numeral 10, knew I had intended to double the number of rounds, and so I doubled the 10 and knit twenty rounds!

Surprisingly, they still fit. They may go too far up my forearm to feel comfortable. Wearing them with a coat for a few hours will be the test.

At least I know how to fix them if I find that’s really necessary. I would clip the yarn strand at the top of the ten rounds I want to remove, unravel the ten rounds, then knit on a new cuff going down, in the opposite direction from the mitt’s original knitting. The change in knitting direction would be camouflaged by the join of ribbing and stockinette sections. I learned this technique while shortening the extra long sleeves of a sweater I bought.

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