Two Bags Out, One Bag in

Today was an errand day. I quickly ran into the tiny thrift with a couple of bags of stuff to donate and came home with a new $4 bag of stuff! Is that how it works for everyone?  At least the children’s clothing was immediately passed on to the foster kids charity group.     It included:                                                                                                                                               a very nice London Fog boy’s snowsuit,                                                                                             three long-sleeved boy’s shirts,                                                                                                        one pair new jeans w/tags,                                                                                                                     one pair new shoes w/tags,                                                                                                                    a sundress,                                                                                                                                           and two new hats w/tags,                                                                                                               (Phew! that was a long list.)

But the rest came home with me!                                                                                                       A linen/cotton blouse (quilt fabric),                                                                                                floral curtain valance (bag fabric),                                                                                             orange sweater 80% lambs wool/10% mohair/10% nylon (yarn),                                        white sheer curtain panels (bird/bug cover for garden),                                                               red pashmina 70% cashmere/30% seta (gift or for me),                                                           and a pale green J. Jill sweater cashmere.

I plan to dye the pale green sweater and a pale blue one I got earlier, maybe making one turquoise and one teal, and then make a scarf similar to this one at Craftzine.

For a nice surprise, the thrift shop volunteer gave the last two shoppers of the day (shop closed at 1:00 today) half loaves of homemade banana bread with wild blueberries!! Thank you very much!! Yummy. DH will enjoy with a cup of tea, I’m sure.

I was much stronger at Sal’s (Salvation Army). Even though all clothing and books were half off, I only bought two children’s books (charity) for 25¢ each and one new skein of white Red Heart yarn for 50¢ (charity crochet). There were several skeins of dark green mohair yarn and a large Ziploc full of gold wool boucle yarn that I left. I couldn’t think of any particular use for either. I would probably have been more seriously tempted if I had realized they were going to be half price, but luckily I didn’t know that.

The extra length of the new Cadet Colors fingerless mitts felt fine today, though after sundown my hands would’ve appreciated complete mittens covering my fingertips. It’s time to dig through my stash of sock yarn and see if there’s something there for mittens.

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