A Senior Moment Coming Soon

We ran into both the Good Will and Savers stores while out running errands this evening, still looking for a thrifty suit and/or overcoat for DH. Our hunt began just before Christmas.

I pointed out this big sign in the window at Savers.

His 55th birthday is in a few weeks. He laughed saying he guessed he knew where we’ll be spending our Tuesday nights!

We both enjoyed fondling a cashmere suit from Italy. DH brought it over to show me, saying he never would’ve known about the luxury of cashmere if it weren’t for my knitting. Unfortunately, none of the suits fit. That means we have a excuse reason to go back, on a Tuesday of course.

I checked the yarn display, but there was nothing I had to have.

I did find five like-new coloring books. They were 69¢ each, plus a Buy Four and Get One Free deal. (charity) DH found a t-shirt which with the color of the week discount was $2.

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