Beginning #8 – Preparing for St. Patrick’s Day

Sometimes a ripple begins with a particular yarn, like this eight ounces of variegated green yarn I recently received.

I have three eight ounce skeins of Red Heart Paddy Green in my stash. It coordinates reasonably well with the variegated.

My simple plan was to use all the variegated with as much of the solid as I needed to complete the afghan. I always estimate that I will be able to crochet three rows of ripple from each ounce of yarn, so the eight ounces of variegated should give me about 24 rows. I intended to alternate two and sometimes three rows of the solid with one row of the variegated until I reached a total afghan length of about 84 rows.

After I had crocheted a few rows I realized the darkest shade of green in the variegated was too close to the Paddy Green. Instead of seeing stripes, I saw dashes of light green on a dark green background. That’s a fun effect, but I didn’t want an entire of afghan of it.

I also had a skein of Red Heart Spring Green, which is lighter than Paddy. It creates a very clear stripe. Here is the rhythm of colors and widths of stripes that I’ve worked out so far.

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