Shopping the Sock Yarn Stash

I spent a significant amount of time digging through my sock yarn stash today and made some matches between future project ideas, patterns, and yarns.

sock yarn stash

Berroco Sox in 1477 Kingston (blue on far left in next photo) may become a shawlette of some kind. I could wear it as a scarf with my green wool coat now and next fall try wearing it as my first shawlette.

Berroco Sox in 1421 De Montfort (2nd from left) is my first pick to fill DH’s request for a simple beanie and fingerless mitts. It’s a man-safe color mix of brown/black/greys. We’ll see what he thinks.

I think the Lion Brand Magic Stripes in Lumberjack Black (red/black) should become a Sock-it-to-me Scarf to go with my red wool coat.  The pattern’s in 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders. This yarn was a $1 thrift store find several months ago. I have a single skein of Bamboo & Ewe solid Charcoal Grey that I may decide to use with it.

While exploring Ravelry’s finished projects to get a better idea of how my various self-striping yarns will look, I came across items made of Berroco Sox 1425 (far right). I recognized it as some of my thrift store sock yarn. It had already been wound into 2 cakes, so it was. . . $2. I really like the looks of this one. No particular plans for it yet, but it’s nice to at least have given it a name and number and see what it looks like when knitted.

chosen sock yarns

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