Finally, Mittens

These mittens have been quietly waiting for thumbs for a few weeks. I guess I’ve been in no hurry to finish them because I haven’t been wearing my red coat lately. But now that they’re finally finished I want a coordinating scarf. I’d love to find just the right shade of solid turquoise yarn for it. (The turquoise and purple stripes are more vivid than in this photo.)

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1 Response to Finally, Mittens

  1. Linda says:

    RBUTKA62 commented in Ravelry. Sent at 8:16 AM May 14, 2011:
    “I don’t knit(my MIL does) But these are very nice.”

    I replied: “I love the colors in this yarn. I’ve made mittens, socks, and a camera sock with it so far! Just got the measurements of my sister’s camera so there’s another sock coming. Maybe then I’ll be done with it.”

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