Ripple of the Week #9

A few months ago I got a phone call from one of the clerks at the tiny thrift store in town. She wanted to know if I could use a bunch of novelty yarn scraps in my blankets. As usual I said, “Sure!”, and I went and got the yarn the very next day.

I lived with the yarn for a while, trying to decide how I could include most of it in a single ripple afghan. I eventually chose to alternate single rows of black with single rows of several different pastels and brights. The Fun Fur is in every sixth row.

A Fun Fur Ripple

10,416 stitches crocheted  —  123,208 stitches donated ytd

These highly textured yarns were fun to play with and added a new dimension to my favorite old ripple pattern.

Fun Fur textures close-up

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1 Response to Ripple of the Week #9

  1. Linda says:

    jenn1feranne commented in Ravelry at 1:54 AM September 8, 2011.

    She said: “This is just lovely, and a wonderful project.”

    I answered: “I recently was given some more fun fur. Must be about time to make another one of these. 🙂 “

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