Practicing Restraint

As usual I made a stop at the Salvation Army thrift store while I was out running errands on Monday. I held myself to my promise and bought only items I have specific plans for. I  keep reminding myself that it only takes a few minutes to find and buy, but hours to re-purpose a garment or unravel and knit the yarn from a single sweater.

Both of my “new” tops are from Dress Barn. The long-sleeved tee was $1.50 with a half-off color tag and the teal and brown cotton/rayon blend cardi was $4. It’s made of a wonderfully soft fine knit fabric that I know I’ll enjoy wearing. It has a unique diamond color pattern too.

One small skein of burnt orange acrylic yarn, 50¢ with a half-off tag. (charity)                    Set of knitting stitch markers, 50¢ with a half-off tag. (for me)                                               Five hardcover children’s books x 50¢ = $2.50. (charity)                                                          Three Easter-themed pencils with fun shaped erasers, 50¢. (charity)

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