An Icelandic Birthday Treat

After DH’s birthday dinner on Wednesday, we took his car to have its oil changed. There’s a GoodWill store right across the street, so we spent a few minutes looking for suits and overcoats. That was so unsatisfying we headed over to Savers. While he was in their men’s department, I meandered, ending up in ladies’ accessories where I scored two scarves, not for me, but for DH! It’s very surprising to me that he liked them both. Since I learned to knit about four years ago, I have made him solid tan lambswool, brown tweed, and charcoal merino scarves. He has never cared for the scarves he found in stores before. Happy 55th Birthday Sweetie!

The narrow-striped lambswool scarf on the left is from the Gap, $3.99. It’s a subtle bit of color against his black winter coat. Choosing to wear something other than a solid colored scarf is a big step toward the wild side for my guy. The wide-striped scarf, knit in a 1 x 1 rib, was $2.99.

I think it’s made from three natural colors of Icelandic wool.

I found out that Hilda Ltd., started by an American couple who moved to Iceland in 1962, went out of business over 25 years ago, which makes this scarf a special vintage birthday find, or special birthday vintage find, depending on how you think about it.

All woolens that come into our house must pass the close scrutiny of Inspector Emily.

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