Ripple of the Week #10

This is far from being a copy of the stripes in the original tote design. I ended up making yet another change in the design. I didn’t have enough of the light blue yarn I used for the three row wide bands next to the navy on the ends, so I couldn’t repeat them next to the two navy stripes in the afghan’s center. But, as usual, a loose interpretation of a found stripe pattern came out looking just as good as the original!

Inspired by a Beach Tote

12,240 stitches crocheted  —  135,448 stitches donated ytd

Did you notice the subtle difference in the width of the single rows of light blue? Think of the afghan as being divided into thirds by the navy stripes, and we’ll call them left, middle, and right stripe sets. You’re looking at the front of the stitches in the three single rows of blue in both the left and right stripe sets, while it’s the narrower-looking back of the stitches that you see in the middle stripe set.

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