And She Scores!

I’d already paid for my goodies at the thrift store, but my eyes kept returning to the cardboard box sitting on the corner of the check-out counter. I stood over it slowly flipping through the packages. Bias tape, piping, lots of yellow, single fold bias tape, double fold bias tape, several shades of purple, what do I need it for?, vintage bias tape, look, that one sold for 10 cents!, they’re mostly unopened packages, gee, some of these packages say $1.40, bias tape, $4.99 for all of it! I silently handed my debit card to the clerk, again.

It turns out there were over 70 unopened packages of bias tape, plus at least 30 opened ones, and a few packages of piping, all for $4.99. Now tell me, could you have walked away? They’re feeling comfortable in their new home, sorted by type and color in a shoebox, waiting for just the right sewing project. Some of it will decorate pillowcases like these. The group I give my ripple afghans to wants to begin delivering each child’s blanket in a pillowcase made from fun prints. Coordinating the colors of bias tape with fabrics from my stash will be a fun project.

Let’s get to the rest of the day’s finds:                                                                                               — a black Liz Claiborne zippered sweater jacket of a practical cotton/acrylic blend, $5.00 (for me),                                                                                                                                                    — a layered turquoise crocheted lace and tank, with a half-off ticket, $1.50 (also for me),     — an XL marled pink merino/cashmere blend turtleneck, with a half-off ticket, $2.00 (yarn, possibly worsted weight),                                                                                                          — a mon tricot knit and crochet stitch dictionary, $1.00, and                                                       — assorted embroidery floss, $1.50.

Grand Total: $16.00

I decided to try the crocheted lace layer from the tank as a vest with a long-sleeved top. (It’s the one I bought this day.) I think I’ll wear it more often this way. It’ll be fun to see how its look changes, depending on the color/style of top and jewelry, from casual to dressy.

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