Before Spring Arrives

It was 65° F today, but I’m going to talk about the hand-knit woolen accessories DH wears when he’s clearing snow or using the snowblower. I can tell he loves the hats, mittens, and cowl I have knitted by the way he carefully arranges them to dry after every use. He regularly comments on how surprisingly warm they stay even when they’re wet from melted blown snow. The only problem he’s had is that the ribbed cowl I made him stretches out as it takes up water and eventually becomes too large a diameter to stay in place covering his nose.

A couple of months ago we talked about knitting a couple more cowls, so he could switch them out as each one got soaked through. I’m glad I didn’t make them because I recently came across a helmet liner/ski mask on someone’s project page in Ravelry. This clever garment is like having a hat and cowl attached to each other, which should help keep the cowl part up over his nose even when it gets looser from dampness.

I showed him several different styles and DH chose Nanette Blanchard’s Balaclava which is knitted in 2×2 ribbing all the way from the bottom edge to where the decreases begin on the top of the head. If I knit quickly I can finish it while it’s still technically winter here. The calendar says it’s not really Spring until March 20th. I want to get this knitted now so he’ll be ready for the next snowfall.

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