Three and a Half Pounds of Yarn

It’s not often I make it out of Sal’s without buying a single sweater to unravel for yarn. Whooo-hoo! Good for me; I’m actually learning to limit my sweater stash acquisitions!

Instead, I bought a BIG crocheted afghan to unravel for its acrylic yarn! Yeah, I know, I know, stash is stash, but I do turn the charity yarn stash over pretty quickly. You might decide to give me another Whooo-hoo!, once you hear that, because of its half-price colored tag, it was only $1! I love its unique “sea anemone” border, as my DH named it, and I’ll remember it for future use. I think a little kid would like the frill of a crochet chain loop fringe.

I’m always watching for lovely handmade blankets in great condition with low prices. I usually donate them intact, but, let’s be honest, this one only qualified on two of the three criteria. I decided its three and a half pounds of yarn will be much happier spread throughout several of my ripple afghans, so DH and I quickly turned one heavy blanket into many colorful balls of yarn.

My other thrifty finds of the day:                                                                                                        — a charcoal heavy-weight ribbed cotton pullover from the Gap, half-price tag, $2 (for DH) — a brown ribbed sweater of extra fine merino, with a tiny repairable hole it was $2 (DH)    — a grey cashmere pullover with pale grey at cuffs, hem and neck, gasp!, paid full price of $3 (for me)                                                                                                                                              — a pair of women’s short, size 30, for the fun multi-colored fabric, with half-price tag, $1 (for kids’ charity quilts), and                                                                                                               — one and a half yards of dark blue VIP quilt fabric with little apples all over it, with half-price tag, 50¢ (for kids’ charity quilts)

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