Twin Cardigans – Twin Hats?

I grabbed this Eddie Bauer wool and alpaca cardigan at Sal’s last month, along with the ball of light grey yarn that ended up as part of DH’s balaclava. It had a half-off color tag, so it was only $2. It’s been patiently waiting for me in the ready-to-be-unraveled box.

As usual, Emily likes to play a part in my photo shoot. Today’s part is that of a beautiful tail!

When I was digging in my yarn bins hunting for a second color of yarn for the balaclava, I came across Ziplocs full of yarn that looked oddly familiar. Sure enough, my two sweaters were twins! The note in with the yarn says I got the first one back in March 2010 and I paid $2 for it too. I had saved the snowflake band from the sweater’s back piece, thinking I could make a hat out of it. What a fun and fast way to make a fair isle hat! I got this “fair isle hat from a sweater” idea from Knittysong’s project in Ravelry.

I’m planning to sew up the seam and then, using some of the unraveled grey yarn, knit from the top edge up, doing decreases as I go to finish the hat’s top. Since the last row on the bottom edge of the design has both red and cream stitches, I’ll leave a couple of rows of the red as an accent and then make grey ribbing for the hat’s bottom edge. The grey is a much softer yarn than the red and will feel nicer against ears and forehead. My hat’s finished diameter will be 19 1/2 inches, which will fit a teen according to this KnitPicks hat size chart.

I’m going to keep the second sweater whole until I’ve finished my hat experiment; I’m so glad I wasn’t quick to unravel it! If I like how the first hat comes out, I can make a second one.  It’s finished diameter would be 22 1/2 inches. According to the size chart, that would be fit a person with a very large 24 1/2″ head! It says to allow two inches of negative ease for a hat.

Maybe I could even make a third hat, after figuring how to use the sweater’s upper back between the armholes. It would be brown with the cream lice pattern. Stretching my imagination even further, I’m wondering if I could make a button-up cowl with the front pieces of this cardigan and mittens from its sleeves. I’m happy to find a few new uses for thrifty sweaters!

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