Beginning of #16 – Purple and Purple

Although I know purples and pinks are the first color choices of many little girls, I have somehow managed not to make a single purple ripple, and, out of fourteen Ripples of the Week, only four even contain pink! That is so wrong. I think I’ve overcompensated; trying to  make enough blankets that are “boy colors”, I have actually been avoiding the very best of “girl colors”. This ripple is my immediate attempt to correct a terrible mistake!

When I can’t think of a more clever name for a ripple I fall back on just listing the colors, which in this case are purple, purple, purple, purple and purple, or Purple and Purple for short. (Sometimes when you write the same word over and over, it can start looking like it’s misspelled. Right now, I’m so tempted to use spell-check! Purple. Yep, still looks funny to me.)

I’m using five different purple yarns in this ripple. So far I’ve crocheted the first set of seven stripes, which takes nine rows, plus the first two-row stripe of the next stripe set.

I decided how many rows to make of each color by comparing how much I have of each yarn. I have the most, about one and a half skeins, of the lightest purple, so it’s used in two stripes, one one-row stripe and one two-row stripe, within each stripe set. The place each color has within the set is pretty arbitrary, decided by moving the skeins of yarn around until I liked the way they looked lying next to each other.

I can’t help but compare the purple in my spring garden today.

I just realized the way I have the skeins arranged in the photo doesn’t match the line-up of colors within the afghan; the two darkest purples should be switched. Ooops! Sorry if that’s confused anyone.

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2 Responses to Beginning of #16 – Purple and Purple

  1. northernnarratives says:

    Such beautiful spring flowers! The colors of nature are such an inspiration. Judy

    • Linda says:

      Hi Judy! – Spring is my favorite season by far with its fabulous colors popping out everywhere. It’s seems an especially beautiful season coming right after a looong winter!

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