Ripple of the Week #15

As is often the case, I planned this ripple around the colors found in a variegated yarn. This one has a very soft blending of tan, golden brown, and greens, resulting in a neutral colored ripple.

This solid green reminds me of the old “institutional green” paint that was intended to have a calming effect. I just discovered its real name is chrome green and it was an extraordinarily tough paint, both long-lasting and easy to clean. Hopefully those will be characteristics of this ripple afghan too! They would come in handy for a heavily used kid’s blanket.

A Soothing Ripple

10,664 crocheted stitches  —  191,900 stitches donated ytd

Using only four yarns, this is a very simple six row striping pattern: green, cream, and variegated, followed by brown, cream, and variegated, and repeat, ending with a green row so the afghan’s two ends will both be green. I started with about five ounces each of the green and brown, and nine ounces each of the cream and variegated yarns. Allowing an estimate of about three rows crocheted from each ounce, I knew I had enough yarn for the 86 rows in this kids’ size blanket, about 36″ x 54″.

My next finished ripple will put me over the 200,000 stitch mark!

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