Savers Sweaters and a Top

We bought a Savers calendar for a couple of dollars back in December, which included a sheet of monthly coupons. The coupon for March was Buy One Item, Get One Item Free (value of $10 or less), which sounds very good, except the store’s inventory has not been its best because of  “March Monday Mania”, which is 25% off everything in the store on Mondays.

I headed over, with coupon in pocket, determined to find at least two treasures. It took more time than I normally spend scanning the racks, but I did find a finely cabled Shetland wool sweater in a marled dark blue and green for my DH (on the left) and a Pendleton wool sweater in a sage green heather, (on the right) which will soon become about twelve ounces of yarn. With my coupon, the two sweaters were $5.00, a nice deal.

On my way home I stopped in one of the little locally run thrift stores and found myself this long-sleeved blue plaid top for $5.00. It’s made of a very lightweight woven cotton, very comfortable to wear this spring and summer.

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