Beginning of #18 – Mixed Vegetables

I’ve named Ripple of the Week #18 “Mixed Vegetables”, because its colors remind me of carrots, corn and beans!

Let’s continue the discussion of how I chose the colors and striping pattern for this particular ripple. Before you actually begin crocheting, it’s always good advice to —

Check the look of your striping pattern one last time

Did you notice? I didn’t end up following the plan I so carefully prepared. Are you wondering where the white yarn went? Well, in that striping pattern all the afghan’s stripes were two or three rows wide. Crochet hook in hand, I realized I had eliminated all single row stripes. That planned blanket would probably have looked fine, but, for some reason, I prefer having some single rows over having triple rows. It also contained two-row wide stripes of the variegated yarn, something I like to avoid with such a boldly patterned variegated yarn.

There’s still time to change your mind

At first I thought I would change the three row stripe of white, to (remember, I abbreviate by using just the first letter of each color’s name) WYW, which means one row each of white, yellow, and then white, and change the three row stripe of yellow to YWY, one row each of yellow, white, and then yellow. This striping sequence would use the same amount of both yellow and white yarns as the old three row stripes did, so that would have worked out well. But, when I laid out all the yarns to see how the WYW and YWY stripe sets would look next to the orange, I definitely preferred how the yellow yarn looked next to the orange in the YWY on the right photo, over the look of white next to the orange in WYW on the left (sorry, only had one ball of the white, so showing just YW).

Maybe I could…

I wondered if there was any chance I’d find more soft yellow yarn upstairs; then I could make all the sets YWY. I found two more yellows, but neither was as close a match to the yellow in the variegated yarn as the first two yellows were. I decided I would include some of all four yellows in the ripple, hoping then no one yarn would stand out as being jarringly different.

I now had a total weight of over eight and a half ounces of yellow yarn. That would make at least 24 rows of yellow, which meant I wouldn’t have to use white yarn after all! Remember,  white wasn’t even a part of my chosen color mix way back in the beginning.

Green 12 rows + all Yellows 24  + Orange 24 + Variegated 24 = 84 rows

One more pattern check

Get ready for one last shifting of the yarn skeins!

Finally, here’s the striping plan I actually followed in crocheted my Mixed Vegetables:


P.S. Click here to see the finished blanket.

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2 Responses to Beginning of #18 – Mixed Vegetables

  1. psmflowerlady/Tammy says:

    LOVE the pattern you ended up with!

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