Ripple of the Week #17

Photographed on a snow bank in February, Ripple #17 was part of my blanket stash. The obvious yarns are the three solids: blue, navy and white.

Blue, Navy and Snow White

10,168 stitches crocheted  —  213,900 stitches donated ytd

What’s not easily noticed from a distance is the subtle, but beautifully textured, blue tweed yarn, which sparkles with bits of white, navy, and burgundy.

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5 Responses to Ripple of the Week #17

  1. psmflowerlady/Tammy says:

    Ohhh…. I like that one. The background – not so much. But hopefully, that won’t be back this year! The blanket is beautiful – thanks too for the closeup!

    • Linda says:

      Sorry, but I’ll continue reminding you of that “stuff” clear into the summer months! Took pics of my entire blanket stash back in February when it was so easy to lay them out on the “white mound”.

  2. Linda says:

    Cromad/Edith in Ravelry sent the following at 1:05 PM April 26, 2011

    “LOVE the new ripple! Thanks for the close up, that pretty yarn doesn’t show up well on the first pic. Lucky kids! They must have a hard time choosing…I know I would!”

  3. Linda says:

    RBUTKA62 commented in Ravelry at 7:59 PM May 23, 2011

    “I’m gonna guess the rustic ripple is your go to ripple pattern?
    I like this because of the blue.”

    I replied:

    That’s right, a slightly modified Rustic Ripple has become my old reliable. I do it again and again because it’s FAST, and easy. Great for a weekly project and the perfect framework for lots of colorplay.

    Someday I’ll probably try a granny ripple.

    I wouldn’t mind doing another round ripple, which I played around with pre-Ravelry and blog, but that one’s more difficult to estimate the amounts of different colors of yarn needed.

  4. Linda says:

    RBUTKA62 commented in Ravelry at 9:00 AM May 28, 2011:

    “I have this pattern in a book,maybe I’ll give it a try.”

    I replied:

    Watch out, they’re like potato chips! Can you make just one? LOL.

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