Still Finding Sweaters

Now that it’s springtime I didn’t think they would put out any more wool sweaters at Sal’s. I’m so glad that I flipped through the sweater rack anyway, because I really like this fair isle sweater jacket that I found and it was just $2.99. It’s a little boxy, so I may add machine-sewn darts in the back or create waist shaping in its side seams and I’ll definitely shorten its sleeves before I store it for the summer. Then it will be ready to wear next winter, maybe with a bright red top.

The green cashmere sweater was also $2.99. I’m going to unravel it for the twelve ounces of sport weight yarn.

The dark purple sweater is one pound of chenille and the yarn from it will go into ripple afghans. With a half price tag, it was only $1.50.

Emily seems to understand how a photo shoot works; lie down on the items and you’ll be moved, but just touch their edges and you get to stay!

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