Thirty Tag Sales in One Day

The all-town tag sale always marks the beginning of tag sale season for me and if Saturday’s experience was any indication, it’s going to be an excellent one! I didn’t bother getting the official Chamber of Commerce sales list, instead I used mini post-its to mark a town map with the sixteen sales I found on Craigslist and the local newspapers’ websites. I even planned a route, but that was nearly ignored once I started following all the tag sales signs on Saturday. I visited over thirty sales, including two large multiple-vendor ones and I found something worth buying at twenty or more, overflowing the four boxes I had brought with me.

It was definitely not a yarn day. I made only one yarn purchase; these two balls of acrylic for charity ripple afghans, three ounces of green and ten ounces of variegated, which came with a pair of #7 knitting needles in a Renoir tote bag for $1.00. I did see a few bags containing multiple balls of novelty yarns early in the day, but didn’t even ask their price. I also left about two ounces of rose vintage acrylic yarn, because they wanted $1.00 for it.

Nor was it a big fabric day. I got just two novelty print fat-quarters of cats and dogs for 25¢ each, a plaid shirt for 10¢ and three vintage floral sheets for $1.00 each. I saw a Rubbermaid tub filled with 100% cotton scrubs and several were of cute novelty prints! I intended to ask how much they were once the sale’s “hostess” had finished with another customer, but I got distracted and forgot. sigh. I should have carried one of the tops with me as a reminder. kick, kick.

But, it was a great sweater day! All five I bought came from one sale where they were only $1.00 a piece. Two are for me to wear: a grey heather lambswool/angora/nylon blend with cables from Petite Sophisticate and a light blue cotton/acrylic/lambswool tweed hoodie with cute elbow patches from Old Navy. I’ll unravel the other three for yarn: a camel merino/nylon blend from Express, a rose heather lambswool from Abercrombie & Fitch, and a worsted-weight marled turquoise wool/angora/nylon blend from American Eagle.

And it was definitely a children’s clothing day! I arrived at a Boy Scout fundraiser just as they started a $2 bag sale. I found twenty-four pieces of children’s clothing, all in lovely condition, for which I paid 10¢ a piece!! They will be given to the foster children’s program. I finished filling the second bag with some bingo prizes for a nearby nursing home, four NWT Beanie Babies for the foster kids and some candles for me.

I get to make more Rainbow Crayons with the one and 3/4 pounds of crayons I got for $1.00. I also found plain and sunflower six-cup silicone muffin pans, $1.00 each. Using these with my twelve individual silicone cups, I can now double my crayon production to twenty-four per batch.

This handmade silver ring with copper and brass wire accents came in a little Ziploc with a couple of bead bracelets for just $1.00. I’ve intended to sell my high school class ring for its gold for a while, and now I have the added incentive of finding out whether I purchased a treasure today! The bracelet, certainly a piece of costume jewelry, was still a nice find for another dollar. (The ring turned out to be garbage, but I wear my $1.00 bracelet quite often! – April 1015)

I’m always entertained by assorted things I find in FREE boxes. Today’s were: three cooking magazines, one Yankee magazine, six candles for use during power outages, one small clear glass vase (oops, not in photo), a six color watercolor set, six over-sized colored pencils with their sharpener, four children’s books, two packages of origami paper, and two lidless storage boxes which are perfect for open yarn storage.

I look forward to next Saturday’s Senior Center Craft, Plant, Bake and Tag Sale, which is where I got the BIG box of scrap yarn last year.  Hopefully, my good fortune will continue, but I’ll share the day’s highlights with you again, however it turns out.

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