Two Boxes of Yarn and…Yarn Toys

My high hopes for a great yarn find at the annual Senior Center sale, scheduled for Saturday, were dashed by rainy weather. But all is well; Sal’s, the Salvation Army thrift store, already brought me a little yarn earlier in the week.

I stopped in on Wednesday and almost left empty-handed, which rarely happens, but I’m starting to carefully consider each tag sale and thrift store purchase, I carried two pieces of quilt fabrics around with me, while I shopped the rest of the store, and ended up putting them back, even though they were half-price! It was hard, but I told myself that the cute sneakers fabric was too large of a print, anyway, and the school items fabric was too stiff.

I was leaving when I first noticed the box. I thought the $14.99 sticker on the plastic bag sitting on top of a box applied only to the yarn in that bag and had already started looking through it when the clerk told me both, the bag and the box under it, were included!! I just stood there, stunned.

There’s over nine and a half pounds of yarn here, mostly Red Heart and Caron acrylic, which are perfect for my children’s afghans for charity. The blue is Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton, still showing the original $2.99 tag on each five-ounce skein.

As the sales clerk asked the store manager where the knitting needle collection had been put, I discovered it was in the box too, along with many other yarn toys!!

Just to top things off, the manager offered me another box of yarn for $5.00! I was speechless at that point. He said the yarn had come in less than an hour ago and he was glad to see it all go right back out again; he doesn’t like having big boxes sitting in the aisles. I sure was happy to help him out!

The second box held over six pounds of yarn, including eight skeins of vintage cream Bulky, four of Patons Canadiana, one of Wool Ease, and seven of Phildar Pegase, an acrylic and wool blend.

So, I think my charity yarn stash will be o.k., even without the yarn that may, or may not, have been at the Senior Center!

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6 Responses to Two Boxes of Yarn and…Yarn Toys

  1. psmflowerlady/Tammy says:

    What a SCORE!!! I just love when that happens to me or anyone else! It’s especially cool for your afghans too. I’m excited for you!!!

    • Linda says:

      Hi Tammy! Doesn’t it just make you want to skip on your way to the car? Hard to do while carrying the big box of yarn!! LOL.

  2. Tess says:

    Wow, amazing find – I’m a real gadget girl so would have loved all those little tools – and the fabulous yarn too

  3. Linda says:

    I got a really great comment in an email from psmflowerlady/Tammy.

    She said, “I’ve honestly never had that big of a score! Can’t wait to see what you design with it”

    I replied:

    Tammy, this is only the second time that I’ve gotten several skeins of a variegated yarn! Last time was a donation of the vintage variegated in #18, “Mixed Veggies”. I still have three skeins left of that. It’ll be SO much easier to find solids to coordinate with this new softly colored one; I’ll make at least four blankets with it!!

    I hope your next score is a BIG one, too!

  4. Linda says:

    Cromad/Edith commented in Ravelry. Sent 9:05 AM May 16, 2011:

    “Your stash of needles will sure come in handy! I was thinking on the weekend that I’m very grateful to my mom…she has stopped knitting as her arm goes numb when she knits, so she gave all her needles to me. Now when I need whatever size needle, I just root around in the box and Voila!, there is the right size. I haven’t had to buy any knitting needles for any of my projects this year. :-)”

    And I replied:

    My sister is teaching a few girls to knit. She’s hoping it will develop into a club with each girl helping to teach a newer member as more join. I offered her some of my “new” extra needles, stitch holders, etc., but I’m wondering if the girls would find those 14” long needles a bit unwieldy to start off with? Well, it’s up to her to decide.

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