Ends, Ends and More Ends

I only crocheted a few granny squares before I realized I’m going to have six yarn ends to deal with per square! Groan. My little granny squares are just three and a half inches; I need 160 (10 squares by 16 squares) to make a child’s size blanket of about 35″ x 56″. With six ends on each of 160 squares that’s 960 ENDS!! What was I thinking?

I remember reading somewhere about working in your ends as you work on a granny square. Here’s a Bethintxl YouTube video that demonstrates one method. It finishes the yarn ends from the beginnings of the second and third rounds of my squares. Yeah! But, I’m still left with four ends per square, and four ends on each of 160 squares is still 640 ends! Big sigh. It’s a good thing I’m not easily intimidated. I don’t like weaving in ends… alright, to be honest with you, I really, really, really don’t like weaving in ends, but I’ll do it. I’d better line up some engrossing movies from Netflix.

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4 Responses to Ends, Ends and More Ends

  1. psmflowerlady/Tammy says:

    You’re a better woman than me. My philosphy is that life’s too short to dance with ugly men and weave in ends.

  2. Linda says:

    I got a comment from Quiltaroo/Tracy in Ravelry :

    “it’s going to be gorgeous! Send me all the ends, I don’t mind weaving in! :-)”

    My reply:

    Thank you! I’m very tempted to take you up on your end weaving offer!! LOL! I’ll do them, she said with a ton of resignation, when the time comes. ;P

  3. Linda says:

    Cromad/Edith commented in Ravelry. Sent 9:05 AM May 16, 2011:

    ”I really should finish my blue ripple but those ends are putting me off. I can sympathise with your granny ends…it’s one of the reasons that I don’t do more grannies. I truly hate weaving away all those ends! ”

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