One Box Out, One Box In

After dropping off a box of miscellaneous stuff at the tiny thrift store in town, I just couldn’t resist having a look-see, because of the fabulous price – $4.00 for all the clothing you can stuff into a plastic grocery bag! So I ended up refilling the box I had just emptied.

It’s always fun trying to figure out what I paid for each item:

— lovely peach and white afghan in pristine condition (charity) 75¢
— twelve Easy Knitting magazines, 2001 – 2005 (for me) 50¢
— turtle and lizard print cotton shorts, checked cotton shirt (quilt fabric) 25¢
— periwinkle chenille sweater, 14 oz. (yarn for ripples) 50¢
— one ball sage Lion Brand Suede yarn (for ripples?) 25¢
— six pieces baby clothes and two baby hats (charity) $1.00
— tan cotton sweater, one and a half pounds (yarn for ?) 50¢
— Big bag polyester stuffing, 28 ounces (kids’ toys/charity) 50¢
— Curves tee-shirt (for me to wear in the garden) 25¢
— teal and turquoise floral long-sleeved top (for me) 50¢
— four-ounce bath gel (charity) free

Grand Total:  $5.00

Yeh, I know, it did occur to me, after, $5.00/29 items = 17 cents each.

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