Decisions, Decisions

I’ve finished 112 of the 160 squares I need for my child-sized granny afghan. Phew!! Now just forty-eight more to go!

While crocheting all these squares I eliminated several variegated yarns, some too dark, some too high of contrast (containing both dark and light), one that has cream instead of white, and two that are yellowish (not fitting into my cool color palette).

Yikes! That means I’ve used up almost all the variegated yarns I like! All that’s left now are the little three balls in the photo below. So… I’m going to make the rest of my granny squares from solid color yarns alone. I think that will look O.K.

Next there’s the matter of the aqua yarns. The little ball of light aqua is the end of the aqua I used for all 112 squares’ third round.

The smaller skein of aqua is a heavier weight yarn, which made the squares I finished with it come out slightly larger than all my others. That wasn’t good, so I’m saving it to sew all the squares together.

It turns out I’m going to use a slightly darker shade of aqua that Red Heart calls “Light Mint”, the large skein, for the third round on the rest of my squares. These last forty-eight are going to form a single row border around the big block (8 squares by 14 squares) of already finished squares (see photo at beginning of this post).

That’s quite a few changes from my original plan. Hopefully everything’s going to come out looking great!

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2 Responses to Decisions, Decisions

  1. psmflowerlady/Tammy says:

    That is coming out just beautifully!! I like your idea about using the darker mint to form a border.

    • Linda says:

      Thank you so much! I kind of like working out the little puzzles of a project. There’s that moment when you say Now what am I gonna do? LOL. Running out of the lighter mint and the variegated yarns pushed me into some creative problem solving.

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