Easter Eggs in June?

Every year a local charity sponsors an Easter basket program for young foster children and every year it sends out plea after plea for more empty baskets and more plastic eggs. I think I may have solved their egg supply problem for next Easter…

The first thing that caught my eye at Goodwill last weekend was a big blue waist-high hamper with a sign that said 25 for $1.00. Of course I had to find out, twenty-five what?? Inside I saw opened cellophane bags of plastic Easter eggs. Let’s see, 25 eggs for $1.00… that’s 50 cents per dozen, not that great. Could they possibly mean 25 bags of eggs for $1.00? And just how many eggs should there be in each bag, anyway?

A quick trip to the check-out counter and I found out it was 25 dozen eggs for $1.00! That’s only a dozen!!!

But, there weren’t many layers of eggs left in the hamper, so there I was, bent over, nearly standing on my head, trying to sort the intact bags of eggs from all the empty or partly filled bags. With no empty shopping carts available, I filled shopping basket after basket with bags of eggs. I thought I’d spend a whole $1.50 and get 37 dozen eggs (444), but when I went to pay for them, they said they’d have to charge me an even $2.00 anyway.

That’s when my DH joined in the fun. We scooped up loose eggs from the bottom of the hamper and topped off thirteen of the partly filled bags, so they each held a full dozen.

That’s how I ended up with 600 Easter eggs for $2.00! My advice – always buy out-of-season!!

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2 Responses to Easter Eggs in June?

  1. Edith says:

    What on earth are you going to do with plastic easter eggs???? Do they fill them with something?

    • Linda says:

      I saw pictures of some finished Easter baskets; they were mostly filled with toys; Frisbee, jump rope, bubbles, coloring book, stuffed animal etc., so only enough room for a few eggs per basket. They’ve mentioned putting stickers and temporary tattoos in them, but no candy. Oh, little jigsaw puzzles; they put the empty box in the Easter basket and put all the pieces in the eggs! I gave them bags of little molded plastic farm animals and dinosaurs that would have fit too; tiny cars…

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