One Hundred and Sixty Granny Squares!

Hey, I’ve finished crocheting all one hundred and sixty granny squares for my blanket! The border of slightly darker squares look like they belong, too!

A small celebration seems appropriate, so… ta-dah! No CAPS, and not bold, just ta-dah! It’s just too hot today to get really excited, expecting a high of 98º F  (37 C). Besides that, there are several more granny steps yet to do. It feels like so many more steps than it takes to make a ripple!

The next one is weaving in all the yarn ends, but…

Emily’s made it clear, it’s time to play now! (Granny squares are so much fun to scatter!) I guess she’d like for me to start working on those pesky ends some other day.

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2 Responses to One Hundred and Sixty Granny Squares!

  1. Edith says:

    Good luck with those yarn ends…I don’t envy you! Otherwise…looking good!

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