Ripple of the Week #24

The finished blanket looks a little different from its beginning photo. I added just three rows of very dark brown, for some much-needed contrast. Without them, everything would be in the mid-range, nothing very dark or very light.

Trout Stream

11,690 stitches – 295,458 stitches donated so far this year

Something else interesting is going on. When you look at the back, the rosy “rainbow trout” rows are barely visible.

Here’s the front side again, close-up, where you can see all the colors clearly.

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One Response to Ripple of the Week #24

  1. Linda says:

    BayouGramma commented on your 2011 Ripple of the Week #24 – Trout Stream in Ravelry at 2:02 PM June 17, 2011

    “I love those colors.”

    My reply: Thank you, thank you!

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