Beginning of #26 – Inspired by a Bath Mat

The combination of colors in this bath mat caught my eye, so I cut out the magazine picture and saved it, like I usually do.

Here’s my collection of similar clippings from magazines, newspaper ads and catalogs. Most of them are stripes. Maybe they’ll spark ripple designs someday too!

I chose colors of yarn similar to those in the bath mat and mimicked its white lattice by putting a one row white stripe between all the other stripes. There’s no particular plan for the order of colors, or the width of stripes I’ll make.

Two of the yarns I’m using came from thrift store sweaters, the ball of light green on the left, and the cake of periwinkle chenille on the right.

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4 Responses to Beginning of #26 – Inspired by a Bath Mat

  1. Linda says:

    Linda Cash, Submitted this comment over on yesterday’s post (oops), on 2011/06/17 at 9:28 am

    “Absolutely love your color combinations for your ripple afghans! I have no “color confidence” so I will try your magazine picture idea.”

    My reply:

    Thank you! Playing with colors is so much fun!! I hope the photo clips work for you.

  2. Linda says:

    RBUTKA62 commented on Ripple of the Week #26 – Inspired by a Bath Mat in Ravelry,
    Sent at 7:05 AM June 18 2011

    “Another fine Job!
    I actually have an Idea for my next full size one,(or next two).”

    My Reply:

    Thank you.
    Oooooh, care to share? Tell me, tell me!!
    Next two?…

  3. It’s me!! I am just laughing and laughing at my “suggestion” about cutting up magazines and so very tickled that someone else does this 😉 Reading about “why the ripple” you completely channeled me! I don’t really care about doing different patterns, I’m in it for the colorplay!! AHHH!!! I have my coffee and I’m reading, reading, reading . I wish I could get a book full of just ripple photos!

    • HI! Good Morning ~

      Your idea of pasting our ‘color-combo clippings’ into a scrapbook sounds so ‘neat’ compared to my methods of randomly 1. stuffing them into a Ziploc, 2. pushpinning them to my bulletin board, or 3. stuffing them under the edge of a boxful of yarn in the attic! lol, but I guess all that really matters is that we can get our hands on them when we need color inspiration.
      Oh, I see there are a few stuck under the lamp on my bedroom dresser too!

      Yeah, filling my weekly quota of making at least one blanket for the foster kids and having fun playing with colors are my top priorities for this charity project. Trying out a new pattern?. . . waaay down the list.
      I’ve faved a mess of intriguing ripple patterns in Ravelry, especially granny/ripple combos, but I expect I’ll experiment with only a few of them.

      Not a ‘book’, but my Ravelry project page has photos of the 150+ ripples that I’ve made since I joined.

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