Making Crayon Labels

You may remember that when I packaged my first batch of forty-eight recycled Rainbow Crayons, I wrote and colored each label on white cardstock, cut them out, punched holes and tied them onto the sixteen bags with satin ribbons and colored string, like this…

I don’t want to keep doing all those steps if I’m going to package many more crayons – talk about labor intensive! But what to do instead?? At first I thought I’d draw a pageful of the labels and then print them on cardstock. But, that would still require cutting, punching and tying.

Eventually it occurred to me – I could make self-sticking labels and put them right on the crayon bags! BTW – I use ordinary flip-top sandwich bags, nestling the crayons down into a corner. Once I’ve tied a bag shut I cut off the messy-looking excess plastic at the top, leaving a couple of inches.

I knew I saved these big old address stickers for some reason – I can fit three Rainbow Crayon labels into the blank area of just one sticker. My package of address stickers can become hundreds of crayon labels!

I stuck with my old hand-drawn label design and made up a master sheet of eighteen labels.

After scanning it came the suspense of the first print out. I hoped to end up with labels printed only in the blank areas of the old address stickers. Yeah! It worked!!

I’ve cut out about a hundred of my new label stickers so far, way more than I need for my next batch of Rainbow Crayons.

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2 Responses to Making Crayon Labels

  1. I LOVE your great, thrifty, ideas! These children are going to get a huge kick out of the crayons PLUS they’ll be sure to know what they are with the lovely labels you made.

    • It’s amazing to me what good condition most of the crayons are in that I’m given to recycle! – many barely have the points worn off. I remember peeling the paper off bit by bit and using them down to nubs when I was a kid! Guess my thrifty ways started early. lol.

      I figure the labels may save some from getting tossed cuz they’re not recognized as being crayons?!? Anyway, they make for a cuter package without too much extra effort; it’s all about ‘marketing’. 🙂

      I’m watching for cheap plain paper to go with the crayons – they’re not so good for coloring books and staying inside the lines, but would be great for scribbles, Modern Art and doing rubbings!

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