A Box of Yarn on My Porch

Look what DH found on our porch Monday! It’s here; it’s here!! (jumping up and down)

We left for an evening out shortly afterward, so I had to wait until the next day to open it and take photos. Sorry it’s taken me until now to share my surprise with you!

First, let me tell you how this box came to be on my porch. Several days ago someone in Ravelry (who has asked to remain anonymous) asked if I could use some Red Heart yarn. (It was scattered throughout several bags of yarn she bought at Value Village for the more luxurious yarns the bags also held.) I gladly accepted her generous offer and immediately began to wonder what colors she was sending me! I was so bold as to ask her if there was any orange yarn. Sadly, she said no.

Are you wondering, if I want some orange yarn so badly, why don’t I just go buy some orange yarn? Well, over a year ago, I decided I would only use yarn from tag sales, thrift stores and donations for my charity blankets. Obviously, I like the lower cost, but I also get a little kick out of using whatever colors come my way. I call it my serendipitous yarn supply system. Yes, I know, it amounts to a silly little game, but I like the challenge it creates for me.

I think I’ve made us all wait long enough. Let’s go see what is in that box!

Ooooh! Look at this; there is some orange yarn after all, and it’s called “cantaloupe”! I love that it still has the Good Will sticker on it, too, just 49¢. For three ounces, that was a good deal! Another sticker shows it was originally priced at 78¢ for WalMart. Wow, that must have been a long time ago; it’s “SOFTelle, a premium blend of Orlon fibers, luxuriously soft – opulent color”!

I love the texture of this Baby Boucle from Bernat. One can never use too much purple! It’s “Violet Blossom”.

It looks like the rest may be Red Heart Super Saver, my old stand-by yarn. I think every ripple I’ve made has had some RHSS in it! There’s Aran (cream), Paddy Green, Hot Red, and Bright Yellow.

In the very bottom of the box, there’s some royal blue; make that Skipper Blue! It’s vintage “Afghan Acrylic Yarn” from Herrschners! It’s fun to read these old labels. This is interesting; it was manufactured by Caron. I love it when vintage yarn makes its way into my charity yarn stash. Think how long this yarn has waited around for me to make a charity blanket with it!

Wow, look at all this yarn!! It’s going to brighten up several children’s ripple afghans. I’m going to mark all the skeins before I put them in my charity yarn stash. I want to link each skein’s eventual use back to this post. It will be fun to see how I use each one, and how long it takes for me to use them all. This could be a useful strategy; it may encourage me to fluff my stash more often!

Thank you so very much anonymous yarn lady! And I’m sure if they knew, the foster children who receive the blankets would thank you too!

P.S. When I wrote to thank my generous benefactor, I told her how surprised I was to find the orange yarn. She said she’d grabbed it, just for me, during a recent trip to GoodWill. What a fun and thoughtful thing to do! Thank you again yarn lady.

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