Ripple of the Week #28

My careful planning certainly paid off this time. This is all the variegated yarn I had left after crocheting this ripple!

I love seeing this striping plan repeated in Christmas colors! It came out as great looking as I thought it would and reminds me of a very fancy candy cane. Yummy.

Should I donate it now or wait until Christmas time?

Christmas in July

11,146 stitches – 340,312 stitches donated so far this year

A close-up view is always nice too.

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6 Responses to Ripple of the Week #28

  1. Edith says:

    Very striking! I’d wait until Christmas time 🙂 Must feel good to use up all that yarn too!

    • Linda says:

      Thank you! Next time I have some “Christmasy” variegated yarn, I’d like to crochet a ripple that looks even more like an actual candy cane. Including many wider white stripes might do it.
      One vote tallied for waiting until Christmas.
      Yes, having used the entire ball of variegated does feel good! It’s surprising how satisfying that can be. 🙂

  2. shyannlindy says:

    Congratulations! It seems to go in streaks where there is just enough of one color but lately I have been just a few stitches short with my Noro Kureyon or maybe worse yet there is a knot when there are only 5 stitches left!

    Absolutely stunning afghan. You rock, girl!

    • Linda says:

      Sorry to hear of your recent yarn shortages – I feel your pain!
      I’ve been known to fake a few stitches of a variegated using matching solid yarns. Shhh, our little secret.

      Thank you, thank you…
      said quietly, while she GRINS : D and bows. lol!
      (gosh, I am ridiculous.)
      This blanket just makes me smile whenever I look at it!

  3. shabby boots says:

    I love that you did a Christmas afghan! I bought gobs of red, green, and shimmery white to make some sort of Christmas concoction by December. This is great inspiration, and beautiful.

    • Linda says:

      Thank you! I look forward to seeing your Christmas “concoction”!

      I don’t have anymore of the variegated yarn I used in this one, but the solid red and green yarns have been piling up.
      I’m thinking about doing a series, Candy Cane Ripples!

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