Beginning of #30 – Cool Lime-Mint

I’m trying something new on this ripple, crocheting with two strands of baby yarn. Sometimes I’ll use two strands of the same color of baby yarn, and sometimes I’ll combine one strand each of two different colors. I’m going to have fun playing with all the different combinations I can make from white, turquoise, blue, variegated and pale green yarns. This technique will also help me stretch the small amount of solid blue baby yarn I have.

I’ll also be crocheting some rows with just one strand of my regular worsted weight yarns, in white, lime and mint green.

I began crocheting with my usual size H (5 mm) hook, but soon discovered that, while working with two strands of the plain fluffy baby yarns worked fine, a double-strand of the yarns constructed with a fine shiny wrapping-strand (perhaps nylon?) created a rather stiff fabric. I couldn’t avoid ripping back several rows, something I am loath to do. A small upward change to a size I (5.5 mm) hook improved the fabric’s drape, without overly affecting the gauge of the worsted weight yarn rows.

The mint green yarn from Zayres came my way back in May. Just how long ago did they go out of business? This yarn has been waiting a long time for me to crochet this ripple!

The lime is from the three and a half pound afghan I got in March.

I like both the softly blended bands of colors and the occasional pop! of bright lime.


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3 Responses to Beginning of #30 – Cool Lime-Mint

  1. This is so pretty. It will be sweet wrapped around a baby.

  2. Linda says:

    Cromad commented in Ravelry July 17,2011 11:05 am :

    “Love the new ripple in progress…is it difficult to work double stranded? It’s going to be another soothing one :-)”

    My reply:

    “I’m not finding the double strand of yarn to be too much of a bother. I think I’m working a little tighter than normal, because I’m keeping a close grasp on the two strands to be sure they’re fed to the hook at the same rate. That’s probably slowing me down a little, too, but not noticeably. I love the soft blending of colors I’m getting though, so it’s definitely worth it. :-)”

  3. Linda says:

    amAlison commented in Ravelry July 15, 2011 at 11:03 am:

    “it’s looking good – the colour combinations are lovely and fresh.”

    and I replied:

    “Thanks! for the lovely comment. I really needed to work on something that made me think about cool and fresh; it was 93 F here the other day!”

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