More Crayons! and Summer Tops for Me

It’s been a couple of months since my last thrifty clothing find! I admit, I haven’t been hunting very hard, often breezing through the household, linens and craft supply areas without even touching the clothing department in the thrift stores I visit. I’ve spent so much time in my garden lately, I just haven’t felt the need for new clothes. gasp.

That didn’t lessen the little thrill I got when I found these two summer tops at Sal’s. The pink one, from Kohl’s, was just $1.99, and the cute floral, $2.99. With its full A-line shape, tunic length and an “Oh, Mamma” label, I suspected it was a maternity top, (I googled it, and yes it is a maternity brand.) but I didn’t care. It fits me, I love the neckline and it has a cute little ruffle at the hem! Plus it’s made of a comfortable cotton gauze fabric. When I wear it with faded jeans DH calls me his “little hippie”. Hah! Where are my love beads?

Two pounds of used crayons to recycle, 99¢.

When I stopped in at the library on my way home, I found eleven more pounds of used crayons waiting for me!

And about half of them had already been stripped of their paper labels! Whoo-hoo!! More Rainbow Crayons coming soon!

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2 Responses to More Crayons! and Summer Tops for Me

  1. Tell me what you do with the crayons. I have about that many left over from six years of elementary school supply lists. And it’s nice to know someone else who loves thrift stores. One of my favorites is the Salvation Army. Once I found 15 pieces of Fostoria crystal stemware of only $25.00! That’s less than $2.00 a stem. But I didn’t get them.

    • Linda says:

      I recycle the old crayons into Rainbow Crayons. There are two posts, here and here, that tell about the batches I’ve made so far.

      I call the things I buy at thrift stores my “thrifty treasures”. I love that you just never know what you’ll find, which makes it fun even when you don’t buy anything!

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