First of Four Market Bags – Finished

The Crocheted Stash Basket

I absolutely love it AND it was very easy to make!

My Crocheted Stash Basket can hold up to nine large (six to eight ounce) skeins of yarn. I mentioned earlier that I used an H hook, instead of an I, to crochet my bag. Well, I noticed here that Crochetbug13 used a J hook with Red Heart Super Saver to make hers and it holds eleven skeins! Something to keep in mind, if you want a larger bag.

Its finished dimensions are 9″ tall, 12″ diameter, and a 33″ circumference. That’s definitely large enough to hold a WIP, and the densely crocheted bottom will keep stitch markers, hooks, etc. from falling through.

I made a couple of changes in the handles, lengthening them from 10″ to 17″, which is the length of shoulder straps on my favorite fabric bags, and increasing their width a little, by making five sc stitches, instead of four. The directions for attaching the handles were a little confusing to me, so I just used my common sense and, as you can see, everything turned out fine! This photo also shows off the unique pattern of openings in the bag’s fabric, made with an interesting combination of simple crochet stitches.

Weighing in at seven and a half ounces, crocheting one stash basket probably leaves six and a half ounces, or about 320 yards of Peaches and Cream cotton yarn, on the cone. I say probably, because the label was gone when I bought the yarn at a thrift store and some may have already been used.

If only I had thought to weigh the cone before I began crocheting the bag! Then I could have compared its weight to that of the intact cone I have of the same brand yarn, and known for sure how much yarn I started with. Still, all will be fine; remember, I have some solid creme cotton yarn I can coordinate with my remaining “Peppercorn”, if my yardage estimate is way-off or if I want to make a larger project.

Crocheted Stash Baskets aren’t just for yarn or market use. Other crocheters have used them to stow toys, or folded diapers, created hard bottom liners for them by covering plastic canvas with fabric, lined them with a contrasting solid color fabric, and made them into tall laundry bags by adding several more patterns repeats. What a versatile crocheted bag!

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4 Responses to First of Four Market Bags – Finished

  1. shyannlindy says:

    The first thing I noticed were the handles–your improvements made the bag more user friendly! Great job…

  2. Beth says:

    Wouldn’t those make lovely shower gifts for brides or moms-to-be filled with whatever is appropriate!

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