Presenting… Cool Jewels!

There’s something very special about the unveiling of a long-term project.

You didn’t hear my loud sigh of satisfaction as I unfurled this blanket at its moment of completion. You weren’t there when I shared the marvel of its smoothness with DH (no rippling edge on this baby!). You didn’t get to see the many smiles and pats I gave it while I waited for just the right weather to take its last set of outdoor photographs, nor did you see me standing on a chair out in my yard as I photographed it. Yet, I don’t think you’ve really missed anything. Seeing my granny here, in all it’s glory, is all that matters now!

Doesn’t it seem luminous? The patches of color are like little flashing lights, pulling your attention from here to there, and then, over there, as your eyes continuously move over the blanket’s surface.

Cool Jewels

I admit it; I’ve fallen in love with this thing!

I also admit, there were times when I just wanted it done! The day when I unsuccessfully auditioned several different stitch and color combinations for the last three rows of the border was certainly one of those times. That step did not go smoothly! Sometimes ideas easily come together, and unfortunately, sometimes they don’t. In the end, I chose to make three more rounds of granny clusters. This border fits granny well; sometimes simple is best.

The subtle pebbled edging, hard to make out against the texture of the grass, (Chain two, skip one stitch, slip stitch in the next, and repeat.) brought the three-and-a-half inch wide border to a total of eight rounds. The first was a decreasing round of plain double crochets, then six rounds of granny clusters, and, finally, the chain-slip stitch edging.

Granny’s finished size is 39″ x 61″.

Although this project was far more arduous than my usual ripple afghan, it wasn’t without its own charms. I love its scrappiness! I was able to use small bits of colorful scrap yarns in every granny square. The aqua has become a uniting force that brings these otherwise unrelated color combinations together. I delight in the surprising liveliness I found within the simple traditional granny afghan pattern.

Even immediately following this blanket’s many tedious challenges, my mind just can’t resist tinkering with ideas for another granny! Given a little time, I won’t also think about how many ripples I could have made in the same amount of time or how many blessed ends it had, (wasn’t it 640?) and then I’ll be ready to make another Granny Square Afghan.


P.S. A special thank you to psmflowerlady/Tammy for granny’s wonderful name of “Cool Jewels”! I found it in her comment on my May 12 post about granny’s planning stage.

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8 Responses to Presenting… Cool Jewels!

  1. This is just Beautiful!!! Definitely not your typical granny square blanket. This one I would love to show off. You did an outstanding job on the color combinations. I’m just full of superlatives! Please say you’re keeping this one.

    • Linda says:

      Thank you for all your kind praise!!

      I doubt that I will keep it, since it doesn’t coordinate with the colors in any of our rooms. But, since I don’t have any charity fundraisers on my calendar, I get to enjoy having it around for a while. Maybe I’ll display it on a quilt rack where Emily won’t be tempted by it. Can’t donate a blanket once she’s claimed it. lol.

  2. shyannlindy says:

    WoooHooo! Awesome work–the border is the perfect frame. Once again, you have demonstrated color mastery by using up a mishmash of yarn and creating a pleasant whole. Congratulations!

    • Linda says:

      Thank you!

      Also, thank you for bringing the Five Row Border to my attention. I experimented with it and although this blanket wanted something different, I know I will use it on a particular future project. I’m especially fond of that “dotted” round!

  3. Edith says:

    Definitely worth all the extra work…it’s gorgeous! Poor Emily, she must be wondering which lovely creation will eventually be hers LOL!

    • Linda says:

      Gorgeous!?!, oh, My!!

      Have no pity for Emily; although she loves testing every blanket, her most favorite resting spot is a shallow cardboard box! This has made us wonder what qualifies as “lovely” in her mind, so we’ve paid attention to her preferences. A deep cardboard box is o.k. for play, but not for sleep; being able to rest your chin on the box’s upper edge is very important! A box that’s a size too small is much better than too big, because it’s better for pushing outward on the box’s walls. Yes, we try to comply with her interesting standards; we know we’re lucky that the princess is so easily satisfied… in this department, at least! LOL.

  4. Linda says:

    Quiltaroo commented in Ravelry. Sent at 5:20 PM Today

    She said:

    “Goodness, this turned out wonderful! Beautiful!
    Worth sewing in all those ends, wasn’t it? ;-)”

    My reply:

    “YES… yes, it was!

    I think I may have been bitten by the granny bug at the very end of this one’s creation. I can’t stop thinking about a pastel flower garden one: all different colored centers made from scrap balls for the flowers, the next round dark green for leaves and a couple rounds of soft country green for the background.

    I happen to have Gobs of the soft green yarn and this would use up alot of it at once! It could be an opportunity to try the join-as-you-go method too. Oh, no! LOL!! Here I go… “

  5. I really love this blanket too. They are ‘my’ colours. 🙂

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