Beginning of #34 – French Country

At first glance you may think I made a mistake in the green stripes at the very beginning of this new ripple. After all, there are four rows of green, two before and two after the one row of variegated, while there are only three rows of the rose and the blue, two before and just one after the variegated row. No, it’s not a mistake; I just… changed my mind!

I had barely begun crocheting this ripple, having planned to make four row sets of green, rose and blue, when it dawned on me that, although I only had one skein of variegated right in front of me, there was plenty more of the Red Heart Soft “French Country” in my stash, eight skeins more! Thanks to the two boxes of yarn I bought at Sal’s in May, it would be o.k. if I used more of this pretty variegated yarn.

I’ll make just three rows of each solid color (green, rose or blue), from now on. There will be two rows of a solid, one variegated, a third row of the solid, then one white, until I reach the blanket’s center. At that point I’ll reverse the pattern, making one row solid, one variegated, and then two more of the solid.

At the very end, I’ll make a another four-row set to mirror the blanket’s beginning.

At least that’s what I’m saying now; I may just change my mind… again!

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4 Responses to Beginning of #34 – French Country

  1. northernnarratives says:

    Hi. I like these colors, it really is French Country. What size is the finished afghans? Judy

    • Linda says:

      I’m glad you like it!
      Almost all of my ripple afghans are kid-sized, about 35″ x 54″.
      They go to a charity that puts together comfort packages for children entering foster care.

  2. Once again, you do an outstanding job of choosing colors!

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