A Familiar-Looking Blanket

At first glance, you probably think this is one of my afghans. You can’t help but notice the obvious; it’s a ripple. And, although it’s hard to tell this from a photo, it’s the same size, 36″ x 54″. It was made with small amounts of several well-coordinated colors of yarn, just like my scrappy ripple, “Inspired by a Bath Mat”.

A Ripple Cousin, Perhaps?

Then, you notice the first little difference; it’s colors aren’t separated by rows of white, like in “Bath Mat”. And, why, there are at least fifteen different colors in it! There are a mere seven colors in “Bath Mat”.

The longer you look, the more of these little discrepancies you see. This ripple has a border on it, while I’ve never put a border on one of mine. It’s rows are all single crochet, worked through the back loop only, while mine are double crochet, worked through both loops. The zigs and zags are much smaller, only five stitches long, compared to my bold ten stitch runs. The “holes” marking the decreases in the pattern’s valleys are much smaller, and there are none at the points of increase.

Eventually you reach the conclusion that, although it bears a striking resemblance, it’s unlikely that this is one of my ripples.

It’s a very nice afghan that came from Savers! Along with it came some intriguing little design ideas that I could adopt.

It’s next life will begin sometime this fall, when it will pass into the arms of a foster child. (Comfort blanket distribution has taken a break during the hot summer months.)

It would be fun to talk with the person who made this blanket and to share some of our other finished crochet projects. I would love to see their acrylic yarn stash! It must be quite extensive to have provided the wide range of colors in this ripple! Maybe we would enjoy exchanging ideas for future projects. Who knows, some day its creator may see it here and leave a comment.

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2 Responses to A Familiar-Looking Blanket

  1. Yours are prettier! Really.

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