Two Blankets Left, Yarn (and Crayons) Came Back

I left two finished blankets over at the library (a charity drop-off point) and found a bag of goodies waiting there for me. Look at what someone donated!

This is about two and a half pounds of yarn. The blankets I donated weighed three. Nice to know the charity yarn stash is in balance, staying well under control!

I already know what I’m making with the Hunter Green and some of the Light Fuchsia.   There are photos to take and a post to write, so I can tell you all about my newest project.  “I’ve got an idea!”, I say in a sing-song voice as I leave the room, skipping. Well, at least in my mind, I’m skipping!

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4 Responses to Two Blankets Left, Yarn (and Crayons) Came Back

  1. Yes, isn’t it amazing how some yarn just tells you what it wants to be made into!

    • Linda says:

      And then there some yarn that just isn’t talking!
      Is there a limit on long you’ll keep a particular yarn, waiting for it to speak up?

      • I’ll wait for however long it takes. I have some that been there for five years. It’ll talk to me eventually.

      • Linda says:

        Five Years!?! You are a patient woman!!

        Who am I kidding? I’m sure I’ve got some lovely stuff in my personal stash (non-charity) that’s been around that long too.
        You know the kind, those particularly yummy yarns you just enjoy having, although you can’t help but wonder if you’ll ever knit/crochet them up!

        The charity acrylics, on the other hand, come in so fast, I try to get them to cycle right back out. Whish!!

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