Two Strands of Yarn, Two Ball Winders

I finally got around to trying out my idea of using two yarn ball winders to unravel a double-strand afghan. I’m taking apart the big pink crocheted afghan that was part of the recent Savers haul, which also included my lovely new yarn ball winder (red one on the right).

As I unravel it, I separate the strands and make two small piles. Then I stop, wind each pile and repeat. I have found that carefully flipping the yarn pile over, before winding from it, so the yarn I’m winding comes from the top of the pile, instead of from underneath it, helps lessen the tendency to tangle.

The unraveling goes pretty quickly, now that I’ve got the hang of it. I’m almost halfway through, well on my way to having three pounds and thirteen ounces of Red Heart Super Saver “Light Raspberry” for my charity stash! Wooo-H00!!

You may have noticed, my winders are on little wooden stands. The clamp on my first winder wouldn’t fit on the lip of our table, or our kitchen counter, so I borrowed the stand that goes with my Pampered Chef apple peeler/corer/slicer. It worked so well, I bought another stand to keep the winder on all the time. It was just a couple of dollars at Sal’s.

But now, with two winders, I’m borrowing the stand from my apple peeler, once again. Hopefully, it won’t take long for me to find another bargain-priced Pampered Chef apple peeler/corer/slicer/yarn ball winder stand.

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7 Responses to Two Strands of Yarn, Two Ball Winders

  1. Aren’t you ingenious! Ok, so what colors are you going to use to go with this?

    • Linda says:

      Good question! LOL!! I’d like to do a pink, grey and white one, but I’ll get to make several different color combinations with it. Three pounds and thirteen ounces translates to over eight skeins of “Light Raspberry”!! Even if I’m very generous with it, oh, let’s say half of each ripple is “Light Raspberry”, I’ll get to make five of them!! Cool, eh?

  2. Gorgeous colour. I really like that shade of pink, it reminds me of summer ice cream. Great work and excellent thrifting!

  3. Yep! It was this one. You did such a nice job with all that Light Raspberry! The French Country series was lovely. 🙂 The pattern of the original blanket is my go-to for baby blankets! I’ve never done it 2stranded, though.

    Have those stands become a fixture at the thrift stores? I remember the big craze about them.

    • I’m still crocheting with the Light Raspberry, a year later!… have about one and a half skeins left I think.
      And I just bought a baby afghan made from that same pattern! (must photograph, lovely, will donate as-is) It seems to be a Very Popular one.

      I see the apple peelers quite often, but rarely the stands.
      That one had an apple peeler attached and a woman was getting rather frustrated having a hard time getting the two pieces apart. She only wanted the peeler, so I helped out and got to buy the stand!… Right place at the right time. Win-win! 🙂

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