Starting a New Granny

My delight over the recently finished “Cool Jewels” granny has led me to immediately start on another! I can’t stop thinking about a pastel flower garden granny, crocheted, once again, with Purl Bee’s classic granny square pattern. I’ve imagined the squares’ centers as flower blossoms made from many different colors of scrap yarns and the squares’ second rounds as dark green leaves. A final couple rounds of a lighter green will create a soft background for each flower and once I’ve joined all the granny squares together… the flowers will seem to float on a field of green!

I hope it will be as pretty as it is in my mind!

I happen to have plenty of Caron One Pound “Soft Sage” in my charity yarn stash and I hope this is enough RHSS “Hunter Green” for the leaves. See how nicely they work together?

The four-cluster blossoms will be made from this assortment of flower colors. Most of them come from my scrap box, although the skein of  RHSS “Light Fuchsia” was part of some timely donated yarn. I’ve already used up a few of the smallest balls of scrap yarn. Crocheting these quick little blossoms is just like eating potato chips. I dare you; try to make just one!

There are a few things I learned during the crocheting of “Cool Jewels” that I will apply to this one. I’m sure a granny will progress faster if I work on it whenever the urge strikes, going with the flow, so to speak, so, this time, I’ll only photograph when it’s convenient. I won’t keep myself from crocheting on it while waiting for an opportunity to take another progress picture. I now know that weaving in all of a granny’s yarn ends at once can almost bring the project to a halt, so I have promised myself to deal with this granny’s ends in at least a couple batches. I like the simple, yet bold, granny cluster border I put on “Cool Jewels” very much. Something similar could be right for this granny, too.

This blanket will be a good opportunity to try Lucy’s join-as-you-go method. It will save me some sewing time and I won’t have to deal with the extra yarn ends left from sewing either. Good, good!

It’s fun to let of the wave of creative energy generated by a successful project’s finish propel you forward. My new “Flower Garden Granny” and I are on the move!

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3 Responses to Starting a New Granny

  1. Edith says:

    Sounds like it will be lovely…I’ve started a crochet mitered square blankie in which one attaches each new square to the existing ones, and I am working away the ends in batches so that by the time the blankie is big enough, all I have to do is add a suitable border. Seems like we had the same idea 🙂

    • Linda says:

      I find ends a drag no matter when I do them, but I hope doing them in batches will keep the chore from feeling like an endless slog!! LOL.
      I’ll be watching for your mitered square updates.

  2. I can’t wait to see this one!

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